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How this pandemic changed fashion trends!

Everyone followed a certain type of fashion of their choice before lockdown. But during this lockdown, many of them have modified their dressing style according to what was comfortable for them during this lockdown. Active wears and cozy house dresses are on a high sale rate this lockdown. And due to the facility of work from home provided by most of the companies, wearing a nice shirt and incorporating fashionable earrings along with a comfy PJ bottom has become a daily dress-up for most of them. 

So, because of the responses taken by the people about the clothes and based on the sales of particular styles of clothing, the clothing brands too came to know that the customer needs comfy dresses to feel comfortable throughout the day but also needs a fashionable touch to it so that they can stand out in a zoom meeting too. 

Based on this, given below are some of the great lockdown fashions trends:

Active wears: The sales of activewear have increased a lot this lockdown. It’s because of whether people have to attend an online yoga session or a dance practice session, or to kick start a day by doing a workout, activewear will be in great demand. You may have also seen some fashion influencers post a pic of them in an awesome hoodie and sweatpants along with a great pair of sneakers these days. Hoodies and light t-shirts are in a demand for activewear due to the comfiness, whereas leggings and comfy sweatpants along with a pair of sneakers are in fashion for bottom activewear. This lockdown has taught us how to maintain our body and keep it fit, so it’s better to maintain our body and to add a bit of fashion with it!


Comfy wear: Comfy wear along with a pinch of fashion has become a great trend nowadays. Looking presentable every time has been necessary these days. To face sudden meetings, for going out to pick some groceries and to post a pic on social media: for all these tasks people are starting to choose comfortable dresses which look presentable too. Simple leggings, sweatpants, shorts, tie-dye shirts, hoodies, elasticated pants, oversized t-shirts, robes are some types of dress styles that can be comfortable, cute, and also presentable at the same time.

Comfy wear

Zoom dressing: So this trend has been accepted by almost everyone out there. Due to quarantine and work from home, we have to do our every work through online modes.  Because of this, the trade of tops has increased the most as compared to bottoms. Dressing up professionally only with a nice shirt along with a pair of earrings and choosing comfy pajamas or shorts for the bottom is a thing that everyone has done for zoom meetings this lockdown. Everyone would love to stand out in a meeting with a great top and would also like to be in their comfy pajamas. Who would get to know?

Zoom dressing

These were some of the lockdown trends which has also increased the trade of the clothing brands and these trends were also followed by most of the people out there.



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