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Global consumer trends to look out for this year!

The pandemic has caused many changes in our lives. Whether it’s our schedule or the way we live, it has brought some changes in us. Talking about global consumer trends, there are some changes in this year as compared to other years. Euromonitor International has made a record of the global consumer trends for this year in a way that they did every year. According to them, the given below trends are mentioned based on how consumer behavior and values are changing and what changes it causes for businesses globally. The trends follow the formats such as overview and defining characteristics, consumer behavior and motivation, business environment and impact, outlook and strategic recommendations, and so on. 

Some global consumer trends of 2021 are given below according to the reports of Euromonitor International:

Build a better world: Nowadays consumers are keeping expectations from the companies that the companies should take concern and protect the health and interest of the public and planet. It is expected that companies should now sustainably reshape the world and should concentrate more on a value-driven economy rather than a volume-driven economy. It is expected that companies should now take into consideration people, the planet, and profits. 

Craving convenience: The spread of coronavirus caused changes in our lives. Consumers are now demanding the convenience which they felt before the pandemic, desiring the ease taken for granted before the changes in our daily habits. Now because of this, companies have a responsibility to develop a resilient experience for a customer along with maintaining convenience.

Outdoor Oasis:  Due to the restrictions and work from home concept, consumers are desiring outdoors. Open dining, exercising, and enjoying outdoor venues are becoming a demand for consumers nowadays. So it is very clear that when in-person events will be allowed as before, outdoor spaces will be in demand. As many people are moving from city to rural areas to find peace, the second-tier destinations will be more appealing for consumers.

Phygital reality: Phygital reality is a hybrid of physical and virtual worlds where consumers can live, work, shop, and play in person and online. Businesses can use this method to give consumers who prefer to be at home, comfort, and ease, by delivering virtually enabled at-home experiences by using AR/VR. This interesting way can help to develop loyal customers.

Playing with time: This pandemic has taught us to be more creative with the free time we have. So businesses can provide ways to maximize the customer’s time, by offering products and services that are accessible from or near the home.

Safety obsessed: This is the most important thing in this pandemic. The spread of the virus has become a fear among consumers and companies who take good care of hygiene, take necessary safety measures and provide contactless solutions will always attract a large number of customers. Consumers are also in demand of hygiene products and immunity boosters.

Shaken and stirred: The lockdown has forced consumers to be at home and has caused mental disturbance too. So businesses that provide products or services for the well-being of customers will attract more customers.

These were some of the trends that have become important for companies to stand out even in a pandemic.



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