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Know about the new government rules for children who got affected by the pandemic

The spread of coronavirus has caused a huge loss for everyone. From loss in sales to loss of some beloved ones. This has caused a drastic change in everyone’s life. The loss of beloved ones can be very depressing and emotional for someone out there. It’s even worse in case a child has lost his parents. There comes to stress that now who will take care of the child? Who will take responsibility for his studies? So in this case our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made such good plans and has given great support to the children who lost their parents during the pandemic.

Our Prime Minister said that all the children who lost their parents will get support under the “PM CARES for Children* Scheme, which is made from the contributions done by people on the PM CARES, Fund.

Some of the benefits under the “PM CARES for Children” include:-

Children will get financial support as they will receive a stipend every month, once they turn 18, and they will also get a fund of Rs 10 lakh once they turn 23 as per the scheme.

The children will be supported to pay the fees for higher education and will be assisted to get an educational loan, for which the interest will be paid by PM cares. As an alternative, scholarships will be provided to children under State or Central Government Schemes. If the child is not eligible for these scholarship schemes, PM cares will provide an equivalent scholarship to them.


Also, free education will be provided for children who lost their parents due to the pandemic. The children under 10 years will get admission to the nearest Kendriya Vidyalaya or private school as a day scholar. If the child got admission to a private school, fees would be completely paid by PM Cares. Also, the fund will help the children to pay their book and uniform fees.

Health insurance of Rs 5 lakh will be provided to children for free till 18 years and also the premium will be paid by PM Cares.

The above-mentioned schemes prove to be very beneficial for all the children out there who have gone through the loss of their parents. These schemes can make the children confident enough to manage for their future and have a better life. It will help them not to take stress about the budget for their studies. The pandemic has caused a great loss for everyone and therefore these types of schemes will help and give hope to everyone out there who has gone through any losses. The PM Cares fund has already helped a lot of people financially in this pandemic in the form of providing food and essentials to the needy, and with the help of this fund, it has become possible to help all the children who are going through the loss of their parents, to give them a hope for better studies and to make their future bright.



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