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Here are the different ways the coronavirus can spread

The spread of coronavirus at a faster rate is becoming a fear for everyone out there. New cases of people infected by coronavirus are increasing day by day. 

Some people can unknowingly spread the virus if they are not aware whether they are infected by the coronavirus or not. Health officials are concentrating more on how to slow down the spread of the virus and have also shared the reasons that caused the spread of the virus at a faster rate. By knowing the reasons the virus spread, we can follow the right ways to avoid getting infected.

Droplets spread through the air: This is the most common way through which coronavirus spreads. When the infected person talks, sneezes, or coughs without a mask, then the tiny droplets (aerosols) which contain the virus flows into the air through their nose or mouth. So because of this, if any other person stands next to the infected person or is communicating with the infected person, the droplets will enter the lungs of another person and thus there are chances of getting infected. According to some research, it is found that the droplets can live in the air for around 3-4 hours and so, if you breathe the air in a surrounding where the infected person has already breathed out, droplets can enter your lungs, and thus you can get infected. To avoid this, it is advised to always wear a mask and to maintain social distancing.

Droplets spread through the air

Spread of the virus through the surface: The spread of the virus is increasing due to this transmission method. If you touch the surface like a doorknob or any table where already the infected person has coughed or sneezed there, the virus can affect you if you touch your hand on the surface and then on your nose or mouth without washing your hands. To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, it is necessary to sanitize your hands often and wash your hands after touching the surface. Make sure that you also disinfect the surfaces before touching them. The spread of viruses can also happen while buying something from shops. There are chances when the infected person packs the things and gives them to you. In this way, if you touch the things without disinfecting them, and then touch your nose or mouth, it can affect you. 

Spread of the virus through the surface

These were some of the ways through which coronavirus spreads. Because of these reasons, unknowingly, many of them spread the virus. To control the spread, it is advised that if you feel some symptoms of coronavirus, kindly visit a doctor and have a covid test to make sure that you should not affect somebody. Also, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer while you go out. After returning home, wash your hands with soap and if possible try to do your work from home to avoid the above-mentioned situations and stay safe at home.



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