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Here is all the information we know about Dororo Season 2! know storyline of Dororo

Know deeply about the storyline of Dororo!

If you are an anime fan you may know that it’s indeed an amazing anime which has a very different story line. Well we can surely say that this anime will trap you right from the first episode. And if you have not watched the Anime yet we recommend you to do so, as it is worth a look! The show has some interesting matters which usually unfolds right from the beginning. And the story line is so interesting that it will make you sit and binge watch the whole time.

Now if we talk about the story line, it goes like this. The story revolves around the life of a young Girl Dororo who is an orphan. She turns into a thief after she lost her parents. She meets a boy of 16 named Hyakkimaru, who was abandoned by his parents. He was born without limbs, nose, or eyes. The story concentrates on a round trip in Japan. Both of them destroy the demons that come along and Hyakkimaru’s body parts come back one by one.

Know deeply about the storyline of Dororo!

Season 1 ended as Hyakkimaru goes on a journey of being a human and follows the path of Buddha. While Dororo waits for her brother.

The story plot is quite interesting. Thus, it also gained a huge fan following. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 and it is the most anticipated one out there. But here comes the question. “Will this action thriller get a second season?” Well let’s find out here. People are searching these queries dororo season 2, dororo season 2 release date, dororo anime season 2, when is dororo season 2 coming out, will there be dororo season 2, is there dororo season 2 and anime dororo season 2 and waiting for season 2 release date.

Dororo is a little girl who is an orphan. She turns into a thief as she lost her parents. She then meets Hyakkimaru who was a 16 year old boy who got abandoned by his parents. His parents sacrificed him for the province and his parents offered him to the demons to feed on him. As a result he was born without any limbs, eyes, or nose.

 Know deeply about the storyline of Dororo!

As a result, the boy lived all his years with artificial organs and limbs which were then being attached to his body. Despite this he practiced and mastered the use of swords. It is later seen that hyakkimaru had the only aim to kill all the red-lighted souls. The red-lighted souls are the demons. He kills the demons so that he can get his organs back.


Indeed we can say that this story is quite different from any other action thriller anime. It could be simply classified into the genre known as dark fantasy. Because it has some scenes of violence and Gore in its episodes.

Further in the episode we can see Hyakkimaru collect all his organs one by one as he defeats the demons. Well notice the episodes in which hyakkimaru was also seen defeating the demons. They are very sharply and mercilessly shown with a lot of blood included in the scenes.

This anime was actually categorised under the genre of dark fantasy. But, on the other hand it also shows the bond created through love and trust. It showcases the bond which was fully made of trust and love is enough to overshadow blood relations.

You can see the amazing bond between Dororo and Hyakkimaru and it is surely one-of-a-kind. While it also shows the feeling of losing your family and the struggles too. In addition to this it also showcases the comedy side with some humour scenes added to it. It was a well written and clear story that avoids any confusion and makes it different from any other anime.

Know about the release date of Dororo season 2

Dororo season 1 released in 2019 and premiered from January 7 to June 24. It consisted of 24 episodes. Season 1 was a hit and had a huge fan base because of its amazing storyline and animation.

As it has been 2 years since the release, the fans are eagerly waiting for season 2 and its updates. You may now wonder about the release date of season 2. Well, unfortunately the answer is unknown.

There is no official announcement from the official team. The anime production’s done by MAPPA and Tezuka productions. And for now both of them have not provided any news regarding the next season. And if we talk about the bus going on around social media platforms still there is no hints regarding the anime. But in July 2020 some tweets were going around regarding the broadcasting of season 2. The official team has not announced it officially yet, so we can’t expect anything for now.

The source materials of Dororo season 2:

Firstly, the story of the Anime was adapted from Manga. The Manga had the same name “Dororo” by Osamu Tezuka. The Manga had four volumes, from which three released in 2008 and the fourth one was then released in 2012. Based on the same Manga a video game released in 2004 with the name Blood Will Tell. Later in 2007 a live action film was also being released based on the same. In 2017 Satoshi Shiki released another Manga. The manga was then being opened by the name The Legend Of Dororo And Hyakkimaru. And finally in 2019 the season 1 of Dororo released.

But there were some changes between the Manga and the Anime. As the Manga included 48 demons whereas the series only showed 12th of them. The Anime has covered almost the entire Manga. So for the second season new volumes of Manga were surely needed.

Expected plot for Dororo season 2?

Season 1 came to an end by showing Hyakkimaru going on his journey to find his human self. On the other hand, Dororo promises to wait for him. The final scene of episode 24 showcases the door or running towards her aniki (brother) all grown up. The predictable plot is that season 2 will showcase their lives after a time gap that is their adult life.

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