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Here is all the information that you need to know about a Shounen Maid season 2

It’s been five years since the release of Shounen Maid season 1. The fans have been waiting for Shounen Maid season 2 now as they have loved season 1.  Studio Eight Bit has not confirmed anything yet. But there are heavy demands for season 2. Well they have not even confirmed the anime cancellation either. So there is nothing short now whether the season 2 of the Anime will get released or it will get cancelled. Currently the fans around the globe are quite ready to watch the second season. But what will be the future of the show? Let us find out here!

Initially Shounen Maid is a comedy Manga series. This manga Series is fully written and illustrated by Ototachibana. The serialization began in 2008. The serial association also survived for nearly a decade until April 2017. The Manga became famous all around and gained much popularity. Studios wanted to adapt this to anime by noticing the increase in its popularity and the fanbase. Finally studio eight decided to pick up the Manga for an anime adaptation. 


The television show aired in Japan between April and July 2016. This show had 12 episodes and was quite loved by everyone out there. As a result, fans have been waiting for another season now.

The renewal of dates of Shounen Maid season 2

Many fans of Shounen Maid believe that it is one of the best comedy anime but it is quite underrated. The ones who have finished the Anime series have said that it deserves more attention. The Anime series have received many positive reviews for the first season. The critics and audience gave a quite positive response. It gained a lot of attention. It got much popularity when it got aired in Japan, especially the first few episodes of the installment. We can say that at first Shounen Maid got a lot of attention but gradually the viewership of the show decreased. It seems like this may be the reason why studio eight bit has not been renewed yet. Or even give any announcement regarding the sequel.

On the other hand it is also mentioned that the source material of Shounen Maid is already finished. The source material was fully used for season 1 and that is nothing left for season 2. So if the makers decide to make a season 2 then it will be a bigger risk for its studio.

We can say that anime always depends upon the Manga and thus if the story of the Manga and then it is also an end for anime too. Indeed they have a future until they have the content or else it’s an end. Well in case it seems like the story of the Manga was fully used for season 1, thus nothing left for season 2. Unfortunately this may be the same case for this anime too.

The original Manga series ended back in April 2017. Thus there is a very less chance that Shounen Maid season 2 will get released. However the Anime is not officially cancelled and thus there is a hope among the fans. The social media users, the fans are making online petitions. They are reaching out to the creators request for a season 2. So if there is a lot of demand for the season 2 then Eight Bit studio might take the risk to produce it.

Know about the source material for the new season!

Anime adaptations are quite dependent on the source materials for the storyline. So it becomes risky sometimes when animation studios make original stories for adoptions. And they do this only when they have less source material left. The Manga of Shounen Maid had 10 volumes, and the television anime used seven of them for their storyline. So as a result there is barely any content left for the second season. Unfortunately it results in a decrease of the chances for its return.

The plot of Shounen Maid:

Elementary school student Chihiro Komiya has no home and no family. It because of the sudden death of his mother. But his life changes when he encounters a rich and frivolous stranger. It turns out to be that the stranger is his long lost uncle Madika Takatori.

His long lost uncle offers to take Chihiro in. But instead of arriving at his uncle’s luxury mansion the boy gets landed in dust and garbage. As Chihiro is a neat freak he gets ready to clean the entire residence. This series is a light hearted comedy that revolves around the story of Chihiro. Chihiro later finds himself dressed in a uniform which is hand made by his uncle. Further receiving salary and working as a maid in the house.

If there is a chance, then when will Shounen Maid season 2 will get aired?

As there is no official announcement by the studios it is really hard to predict a release date for now. The anime is yet to get a renewal and it becomes harder to predict a release date. But what if eight bit studios take a risk and announce for Shounen Maid season 2 right away? Well, then there is a chance that it may take a long time as they have to write the original plot for it. As a result it may release in a year maybe. As there are no updates yet nothing is sure.

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