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Know how these two wingsuits flyers came this close to the pyramid using a new technique?

We have seen the development of aero sports technology over the years now. It has undergone several advancements and thanks to the technology that today we came to know about a new technique that led to flyers reaching the closest height to the pyramids ever noted in the history of all the records of wingsuit flying. 

In the recently happened display, two wingsuit pilots were seen flying so close that ever noted in the history before to the great pyramids of Giza.  One of them named Frédéric Fugen, who is also notably one of the world’s most famous wingsuit pilots and BASE jumpers was accompanied along with Vincent Cotte, who is a former member of France’s national paragliding team. Both the duo soared past within touching distance of the Pyramid of Khafre which is located in Egypt. 

Well, the duo was able to accomplish this feat with the help of Skydive Egypt. It is an Egyptian paragliding school. As per the reports the duo employed the “resource” technique. Well, this technique of “resource”, which was first demonstrated by Fugen and his jetman and skydiver Vince Reffet helps the flyers to fly closer to ground level. It is executed by opening the parachute faster. Well, in a statement given to Redbull, Fugen stated, ”It has been absolutely amazing to get right next to these giant stones, some of the last wonders of the ancient world that are still visible today. I felt so small in front of such big monuments. I never even thought I would be able to make this flight one day. If this project has been possible, it is because flying techniques and materials have evolved a lot recently.” 

Ever since the video was available online people have been going all crazy about it. Norton, it is a very great achievement which is very appreciable but also seen the time it is a youth development and technology especially in the sero sports technology that has shown how much development they have been doing in the field over the years now. Since the video has come out, all the social media users who came across the video bus stand by looking at the sun and are also left awestruck because of the breathtaking skirts that both the flyers showed in the video clip. 

Many social media users were also left wondering and issued in the comment section of the post stating about the possibility of outraging it might provoke amongst some local people living in Egypt as they might feel disturbed or it might be very sensitive to them regarding their tradition and cultural heritage. Nevertheless, this stunt is indeed something that we will not get to see every day on the Internet and the video is worth looking at because of the amazing skills that both skilled persons have shown to the world.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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