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Vietnamese brothers create a Guinness World Record! Watch a spine-chilling video!

Another super shocking and amazing video is trending viral on the Internet and all thanks to these two Vietnamese brothers who were successful in breaking the previous Guinness World Record. Among the brothers, one of them climbed 100 stairs with the other one balanced on his head. They were able to complete this stung just in 53 seconds. The acrobatic stunt was performed outside Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Girona, in Spain. Well, on December 23, the circus-performing brothers, Giang Quoc Co who is 37-years-old and Giang Quoc Nghiep, 32-years-old, went on to set a record back in the same venue.

Their previous record was set in December 2016 and again this year they decided to break their record by climbing 100 steps in 53 seconds. Talking about their previous record set before, they had climbed 90 steps in 52 seconds. “Today, we are feeling wonderful. We are feeling amazing because now we have climbed 100 steps within 53 seconds and I did not imagine in my mind…I hope everybody will remember this day,” one of them was heard saying in a video which was shared by Sputnik Việt Nam online on the internet.

 “Some days ago, we were under stress because of everyday practice. The weather is very cold and we practise in the morning till night.., Five years ago, we climbed 90 steps within 52 seconds…I feel wonderful,” said another in the video clip. As the cathedral had only 90 steps, 10 more steps were set up for their stunt. “The new steps have a different height and material compared to the 90 existing ones. We did not have the chance to practise on these 10 steps in advance,” Giang Quoc Co said while speaking to VNexpress.

Both the brothers’ previous 2016 record was broken in 2018 when Peruvian acrobats Pablo Nonato Panduro and Joel Yaicate Saavedra went ahead with 91 stairs. Back in December 2018, the duo achieved another feat and they had set a new record for the fastest time to descend and ascend ten stairs. It was performed while balancing a person on the head (blindfolded). All the details are mentioned on the Guinness World Records website and as per it, the stung was performed on the set of La Notte Dei Records (The Night of Records). 

 A TV series on Italy’s TV8 showed the entire record holders all around the world. “We have been rehearsing this skill for 15 years,” Giang Quoc Nghiep had stated as quoted by GWR back in December 2016. The duo had explained that they had to face a lot of accidents and injuries when they used to train during the training regime. “I have sometimes thought that I could not continue any longer, but we continue to go forward and overcome fear and danger. I want to prove to everyone in the world that human possibilities are endless,” he further added as quoted in the GWR website.

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