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Know why you get fever after taking covishield

As a covid-19 virus is increasing day by day, the demand for covishield vaccine is also increasing along with it. Now, even when the second dose of vaccine is being administered. Still, people have a fear of getting the vaccination as some people think that the side effects can be harmful to the one who took the vaccination. The government and the doctors have advised all the guidelines to the people but yet there is a small fear among people that the side effects may be harmful to them. According to doctors, fever, body pain, and headaches are the most common symptoms amongst people who took vaccination, especially the second dose. The side effects of the vaccine will only last for 3 or 4 days or maximum for a week. But many people have doubts about why these side effects are caused by the vaccine. These doubts were cleared by doctors by presenting their thoughts on this.

So what exactly happens after taking the covishield vaccine?

The covid shield vaccine acts as an antigen to the body. So when the human body comes into contact with the antigen for the first time, the immune system responds to it and prepares antibodies specific to that antigen. During this process, the person can get ill and can feel feverish. Also, due to the activation of the immune system, it causes some temporary swelling in lymph nodes, like those under the arms. Taking the vaccination can result in an increase in blood flow so more immune cells can circulate, and this results in an increase in body temperature in order to kill the virus. Some side effects such as body pain and mild fever are signs that show the immune system in the body is responding to the vaccine and is becoming ready to fight the virus. The side effects always indicate that the vaccine is working. Even if a person does not experience any side effects after taking the covid shield vaccine, it’s perfectly alright as sometimes the vaccine will work in your body but it will not show any side effects. So it’s completely normal as everybody responds differently.

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What to do to lower down the discomfort caused by the side effects?

If the body pain and headache cause discomfort to you then you can surely take paracetamol but try to avoid the pain killers. Having only healthy foods such as whole grains, green vegetables and a lot of fruits will help to keep your body healthy and kinda energetic. Drinking lots of water is very essential to keep your body hydrated. After getting the covishield vaccination, you should take a rest for almost a week so that you can recover easily from the side effects and that you can recover from the weakness. Try to avoid consuming caffeine, alcohol, and any junk foods. 

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Remember that the side effects are not harmful as they will only last for a few days. But if they last longer, then you should definitely contact a doctor.



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