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Krapopolis by Dan Harmon : Plot, Cast, and Release Date

Dan Harmon’s animation library is expanding with the recent debut of his new series Krapopolis at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year. A brand-new show that transports viewers to Ancient Greece is coming from the creator of the science fiction animated series Rick and Morty and Solar Opposites. Harmon has been working on the show since June 2020, when he signed a contract with Fox Entertainment. Bento Box Entertainment, an animation studio, will develop the programme. Jordan Young (Bojack Horseman) will direct the project, and Harmon will serve as its executive producer. Another incredibly remarkable initiative is Krapopolis, which will be the first animated network television series to be curated on the blockchain. The choice is consistent with the NFT industry expansion by Fox and Bento Box Entertainment.

Other details :

People can already purchase “Krap Chickens,” which are special NFTs, on the program’s official website to access gated material, merchandising, prizes, and even vote on specific features that will influence the show through its episodes. Greek mythology has undergone several media adaptations because of its extensive and practically endless body of oral tradition. Since this setting is well-known and offers countless potential plot lines for the series, it only seems logical that Harmon based Krapopolis around it. It’s also encouraging to see him use this adaptation of Greek humour from his well-known comedic heritage. With a few notable exceptions, such as Disney’s Hercules, it can be common to see these adaptations from a comic book viewpoint. The show even received an unexpected early renewal for a second season before its 2023 premiere earlier this month. This useful guide will show you all we currently know about Krapopolis until then.


Krapopolis Release date

In May 2023, the animated programme is scheduled to make its Fox channel debut as part of a brand-new Monday night animation time slot. On November 27, 2022, a special preview of the first episode will air instead of the scheduled premiere date. Here is a link to the landing page for the programme.

The cast of Krapopolis  

Dan Harmon truly excels at assembling stellar casts for many of his projects. Some cast members in Krapopolis have recognised iconic voices that fit their characters quite well. The mortal ruler Tyrannis, played by Richard Ayoade of The IT Crowd, does his best to rule a city in ancient Greece. His father is a primitive “mantitaur” (half centaur and half manticore) named Shlub. At the same time, his mother is an alcoholic goddess Deliria, by Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso) (What We Do in the Shadows).

Deliria suggests in the sneak look that her entire family resembles her, and she doesn’t seem too keen on the whole “running a business” thing. The first clip also introduced Tyrannis’ half-brother, Hippocampus, a hybrid fish and human preoccupied with slightly immoral scientific research. Duncan Trussell voices Hippocampus (The Midnight Gospel). Stupendous, Tyrannis’ half-sister, is also a strong yet unassuming warrior portrayed by Pam Murphy (Mapleworth Murders).


Other members :

She is the child of Shlub and a mermaid, which supposedly created her a highly strong human who doesn’t hesitate to chop off a monster’s head when the opportunity arises. Krapopolis, like Harmon’s earlier programmes, undoubtedly paves the way for the eventual incorporation of more characters drawn from many facets of its world and voiced by other guest actors. He reportedly stated that among the Season 1 guest stars will be Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise), Will Forte (The Last Man on Earth), Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Jane Lynch (Glee), Amber Stevens West (Ghosted), Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), and Dave Franco during the show’s SDCC panel (Now You See Me).

At a recent New York Comic-Con panel, Harmon reportedly announced other guest stars, including Tom Kenny from SpongeBob SquarePants, Daveed Diggs from Hamilton, Joel McHale from Community, and Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine as the goddess Athena. Then there’s Ben Stiller (Zoolander) as Prometheus.


The plot of Krapopolis  

The dysfunctional family dynamic, at the centre of many Harmon projects. So, is populated with a quirky cast of individuals who travel through illogical hijinks together. The fictional setting of Krapopolis is an Ancient Greek city by Tyrannis, a youthful human monarch. His odd family of monsters and deities is beside him. So, ready to assist him in leading this city of humans to victory. Tyrannis will encounter different Greek mythological characters throughout the episodes, presenting him with a number of bizarre circumstances that are just as bizarre as the folktales told about them. Harmon has further stated that rather than “retelling events,” the series will “visit” specific characters or elements that engage with the main plot. Dan Harmon is the creator of the animated comedy KRAPOPOLIS, which takes place in mythological Ancient Greece.


Although the series’ debut trailer wasn’t released until this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, it was originally shown there. Instead, a preview of the next first episode’s scene was made public. Tyrannis is shown in the sneak peek at a city council meeting where the residents are currently debating a Medusa-like figure that is turning innocent people into stone. While Tyrannis tries to find a solution, which has some disastrous outcomes, the family relationships are briefly displayed. Additionally, we’ve seen an introductory video for the show’s NFTs, which you can view below:

FAQs :

Krapopolis, is it a cartoon ?

Dan Harmon is the creator of the animated comedy Krapopolis, which takes place in ancient mythological Greece.

When will Krapopolis be out ?

The forthcoming 2022–2023 season of Krapopolis will air on FOX. Also, the network has designated a special November 27th preview day.

What is the Krapopolis saga ?

Follows a flawed family of gods, demons, and humans as they attempt to rule one of the first cities. So, in history without murdering one another.

Krappolis was by whom ?

Community creator and Emmy-winning co-creator of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon, also serves as executive producer.


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