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The Outwaters (2022) : Release, review, trailer, and cast

The outwaters : The one subgenre of horror that consistently causes controversy among viewers is found footage. It’s challenging to pull off low-budget production and cinematography in a shaky-camera manner. But when done well, it may result in a film that audiences will never forget. Found footage has long held its own in the horror genre, from The Blair Witch Project and its 90s viral marketing campaign to contemporary faves like Paranormal Activity (which has now grown into a successful franchise) and As Above, So Below. The storylines frequently stay in the back of your mind long after the credits have rolled because of something about the style that rings truer than any polished Hollywood film. A forthcoming discovered footage horror/sci-fi movie called The Outwaters is already pinging the radars of interested viewers. Please continue reading to learn what we currently know about the movie.

Well, for all the fans who are always ready to know about horror films or sci-fi films, this article will be something that you surely will not want to miss. Here is all about the upcoming new horror film and the latest details regarding its cast and plot that you should try to take advantage of. Read the article further to get more details now. 

The Outwaters Release date

Since the start of 2022, The Outwaters has been screening at numerous film festivals all around the country. In February 2022, the New Jersey Film Festival hosted its first early showing. The Unnamed Footage Festival in March 2022, Panic Fest in April 2022, and Chattanooga Film Festival in June 2022 were then screenings. Unfortunately, a precise date for when the movie will be out accessible to more people are not yet known.

the outwaters
the outwaters

However, The Outwaters will be accessible in cinemas and on streaming services in “early 2023,” according to a recent tweet from Robbie Banfitch. For updates, it’s also a good idea to follow The Outwaters on Twitter in addition to this area. The production businesses behind Robbie Banfitch’s other endeavors, including 5100 Films and Fathom Films, are part of the Outwaters. The Outwaters will eventually be streamable on the SCREAMBOX platform because it was just out that it is an SCREAMBOX original. All North American rights to The Outwaters are collectively by SCREAMBOX, Bloody Disgusting, and Cinedigm.

The cast of The Outwaters  

The real-world relatives Robbie and Leslie Zagorac will be here by Robbie Banfitch and Leslie Ann Banfitch. Along with Tinsman Road and Exvallis, the mother-and-son team also has two other planned films, White Light from 2007 and The Outwaters. The Outwaters and the other films are here to the director, writer, and executive producer Robbie Banfitch. Scott Schamell as Scott Zagorac, Angela Basolis as Ange Bocuzzi from Advent, and Michelle May as Michelle August from Bikini Model Academy round out the cast.

the outwaters

The plot of The Outwaters  

Four aspiring artists and filmmakers are followed in The Outwaters as they go to the isolated Mojave Desert in quest of the ideal location to shoot their upcoming music video. It doesn’t take long, though, until the idyllic setting takes a nasty turn for the worst. People who have been fortunate enough to see early screenings of The Outwaters claim that it is a bloody mess from beginning to end and contains “cosmic” themes. This, along with the fact that the movie is classified as both a sci-fi and a horror movie, leads us to believe that something extraterrestrial, rather than a zombie, is haunting this poor person. Aliens in contemporary horror make for a spine-chilling viewing experience, as most recently seen in Jordan Peele’s Nope. The Outwaters appear to have all the makings of an immediate fan favorite when the addition of recovered footage is added.

the outwaters
the outwaters


The Outwaters has two trailers available right now. On August 15, 2022, the first was made available on the official YouTube channel of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. On October 11, 2022, the second, billed as a teaser trailer, was out to Cinedigm’s official YouTube channel. The first trailer shows the party arriving at the stunning and remote Mojave Desert after their road adventure. Things appear to be off to a flying start with a never-ending blue sky. So, untamed donkeys, and a setting that would make any videographer swoon. The peaceful environment quickly transforms into a frantic massacre as darkness comes. Without revealing too much, the shots in the trailer’s second half indicate what viewers might expect.

The second trailer is entirely silent and tense. The blood-covered visage of a man walking up to a mirror is here in the trailer. The man is in complete darkness, and the camera’s flash only illuminates the mirror. Also, the blood is glittering on his mirrored face. So, making it difficult to determine what kind of environment he is in.

FAQs :

In the Outwaters, who is there ?

Angela Basolis (Advent) plays Ange Bocuzzi, Scott Schamell plays Scott Zagorac, and Michelle May plays Scott.

Are there any Outwaters trailers available ?

The first was published on the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival’s official YouTube channel. It is on August 15, 2022. The second, as to as a teaser trailer, was out to Cinedigm’s official YouTube page on October 11, 2022.

What is the Outwaters’ storyline ?

Four adventurers encounter a terrible phenomenon while camping in the isolated Mojave Desert.

Is The Outwaters horrifying ?

A forthcoming discovered footage horror/sci-fi movie called The Outwaters is already pinging the radars of interested viewers. Please continue reading to learn what we currently know about the movie.


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