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List of best Bollywood movies to watch during Quarantine.

Well this pandemic period has proved to be very much stressful and many people are spending their time doing the things that they like to distract themselves. So for all the movie lovers out there who are spending their time on iot platforms or sites where you can get free movies to watch here is an article for you to give a look at. As there are not so many movies getting released nowadays due to the speed of coronavirus, you can spend your time watching some of the greatest classics for amazing  rom coms that Bollywood has produced to date. So for people who are in self Quarantine after the outbreak of the coronavirus you can now enjoy it even by staying at home. So get comfortable and pick a movie from this list.

  • Padmaavat: A movie which is made for people who love historical movies. Wrapped up in the era when the beautiful queen Padmavati and her husband MahaRawal Ratan Singh ruled India, the film showcases the power of love and the realistic battle scenes, which are some of the plus points of the movie.
Padmavat, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Ranvir Singh
  • Roohi: if you are into a b horror thriller movie then Ruhi is another amazing movie to watch. The storyline of the movie goes as two friends are hired to kidnap a bride who is possessed. The movie is full of comedy and fun along with horror and thriller scenes which is a whole pack of entertainment. The movie also shows how a human falls in love with a ghost and his friend falls in love with the human who is possessed by the ghost giving it a nice funny twist.
  • Jab We met: This classic Bollywood movie is one of the best rom coms of all times produced in the industry where you will find beautiful love blooming between the actress Kareena Kapoor who acts as a bubbly Punjabi girl name the gate and Shahid Kapoor who acts as a heartbroken businessman4 named Aditya.
  • The Golmaal series: Indeed Golmaal is one of the best movie series which is super funny and super entertaining to watch to spend time in the pandemic. All movie lovers just can’t get enough of the humor and the unlimited fun that the movie gives and having a total of around four movies in the series you can surely enjoy the superhit movies again if you are into comedy movies.
  • Dangal: It is a movie that you will never get enough of if you are into action/sports movies. The story revolves around real-life events and how the former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat trains his daughters to win the gold medal for the country. The story of Geeta and Babita is portrayed in the film and their journey to become one of the great wrestlers of India.


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