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How did coronavirus begin? Rumors and everything you should know!

It’s been over two months since the entire country is fighting the second wave of the deadly virus of covid-19 and regarding the virus in many articles getting published by experts from all around the globe too. The global pandemic situation is surely CVR and mini I have been affected due to the virus. The rumors regarding the virus which is highly believed by many people and some of them are not yet cleared. Some of the myths regarding the treatment of the virus are commonly found all over the internet whereas there are many stories regarding the origination of the virus too. However, it is true that the virus was first detected in Wuhan China in late 2019 and since then it has been spreading rapidly all over the globe leading to the death of thousands of people in several countries.

How did the spread of the virus begin?

Aspataal news that was initially the SARS-COV-2 was originated in bats and led to CVR respiratory syndromes. From the wet markets, these viruses started to spread among the customers and sellers buying meat over there. This wet market in China is famous for selling mini band species including cobras and dogs and this is often crowded with people which led to the rapid spread of the virus first in China. However, we initially didn’t sell badly during the outbreak of the virus that’s why many rumors regarding the coronavirus began. The first human coronavirus was identified in 1965 which causes the common cold. There are a total of 7 coronaviruses that can attack humans. Coronavirus can cause disease in both animals and humans but this virus that is now spread is due to human contact only and for now, the World health organization is still considering the virus of the pandemic that can totally destroy the immune system once infected from the virus. It is not clear how this virus started to spread to humans but it is confirmed that it can now spread like an infection through droplets from one’s mouth or nose. The covid-19 virus is new and research regarding the virus took so long to produce a vaccination to improve one’s immune system.

Rumors regarding the origination of this virus:

The debate regarding the origination of the covid-19 has been going on for so long where many tales have come up full stop the mystery regarding the virus is huge and hard to clear it and many reports have also claimed that this virus is nothing but a bio war attacking people from all around the globe. There was also a case where it was mentioned that the virus was created in a Wuhan lab by Chinese researchers which again led to a series of mysteries to unveil. However by the end of last year several groups including the scientists at a debate regarding the possibility of this virus getting leaked from the Wuhan lab which was modified to infect humans by just getting directly in touch with people who were already infected with the virus. However, none of these assumptions were clarified and the exact origination that is stated by many experts is still the virus that got spread through the wet markets in Wuhan.



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