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Love Is Blind Season 3 : Episode Guide, Cast, and Release Date

There is a lot of anticipation that the competitors of Love Is Blind season 3 will discover their true love after season 2 only managed to create two married couples, both of whom announced their intentions to divorce.

When the series initially aired in 2020, viewers reacted favourably to it and the novel idea of requiring individuals to build ties without knowing what the other person looks like. There was some scepticism that an experiment of this magnitude could succeed, given the significance, many people place on physical attraction when it comes to dating. But afterwards, Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed became a fan-favourite duo and the show’s long-lasting success story.

Love Is Blind season 3 Release date.

The first four episodes of Love Is Blind season 3 were released on Netflix on Wednesday, October 19. Then, starting on October 26, episodes 5-7 could be viewed online. Episodes 8 through 10 debuted on November 2, and the season finale and reunion episode debuted on November 9.

Love is blind season 3
Love is blind season 3

The cast of Love Is Blind season 3  

The Boys

  • Tony, a salesman for medical equipment
  • Engineer for aerospace Dakota
  • Brennon, engineer for water treatment
  • Zach, director of interior quality control at the medical school
  • Dale, a student of cybersecurity
  • Director of marketing technology Simmer
  • Realtor Nash
  • Realtor Cole
  • Attorney Anthony
  • Matt, a sales representative for private jets
  • Senior analyst Bartie
  • “SK” is Sikiru, a data engineer.
  • Director of operations Andrew
  • Coach for fitness growth DaVonté
  • Julian, executive vice president of operations

The Females

  • Ashley, a chiropodist
  • ICU nurse practitioner Kalekia
  • Critical care nurse Brannigan
  • Nancy is a property investor.
  • Customer success manager Chelsey
  • Ballet dancer and digital PR strategist Colleen
  • Charita, a cosmetics artist
  • the dermatologist Valerie
  • Andrea, a stylist
  • Realtor Zanab and Pilates teacher Raven
  • Owner of an insurance company, Alexa
  • Senior event producer Jess
  • Loren, an advocate for medical equipment
  • Kim, a trainer and educator

Nick and Vanessa Lachey, a married couple, will again serve as hosts of Love Is Blind. Nick has served as the face of the boy band 98 Degrees for a while and has made a few TV cameos in programmes like Charmed and Hawaii Five-0. Vanessa has been in TV shows like Call Me Kat and American Housewife. She presently plays Jane Tennant in NCIS: Hawai’i.

Love is blind season 3
Love is blind season 3

The plot of Love Is Blind season 3  

Similar to earlier seasons of the programme, Love Is Blind season 3 continues to subject contestants to a dating experiment in which they are compelled to form romantic relationships with folks they haven’t met in person. The only times they encounter are in the episode’s recognisable pods. But after a couple decides to effectively become engaged because they believe they’ve found the “one,” they may begin the difficult work of their relationship by actually meeting. An episode guide is provided below; we’ll update it as new information becomes available.

Welcome to Love Is Blind, episode one!

Things move swiftly as a new group forms close bonds in the pods. One pair exchanges three short sentences, followed by four harsh words: “Will you marry me?

“Love Triangles and Love Triumphs” episode 2 

A lady may have luck on her third date.

Episode three of “The First Night Together” 

“Nancy assesses two concepts and finds clarity.

Other epsiodes :

Meet Your Exes, Episode 4

“The couples finally meet at a cocktail night, where old feelings produce a few fresh bumps, and settle into real-life time together in Malibu.”

“Trouble in Paradise,” episode five

Some couples’ relationships are strengthened through romantic dates and pool parties, while others experience doubt. Cole surprises many with his honesty, which causes some stir.

“Return to Reality” is episode six.

The couples have open discussions about money as they reintegrate into daily life in Dallas and get to know one another’s families. Episode seven is titled “Impress the Parents.”

“Introspection occurs more frequently when family and friends are gathered. A particular convert from the pool party causes ripples once more during a bar night.

The Perfect Fit, episode 8

“The brides and grooms go shopping, one couple works through difficulties, another pair resets, others get to know their partners’ acquaintances.”

The Last Supper is the ninth episode.

Love is blind season 3
Love is blind season 3

Colleen expresses uncertainty: “With just a few days till the weddings, the couples enjoy romantic final dates. Can one couple work out their differences?”

“Approaching the Altar” is episode 10

“Two couples’ wedding days begin as the ladies head to a strip club for their bachelorette parties while the gentlemen get down and at the rodeo, dirty.

The Wedding Day’s eleventh episode

 While some couples experience heartbreak as more couples get married, others say “I do” while having doubts.

Twelve: “The Reunion”

Current and previous couples from this season have an emotional talk with Nick and Vanessa to clear the air and reflect on their whirlwind journey.


The third season of Love Is Blind has undoubtedly been dramatic, with viewers having much to say about the cast. That implies that the resolution in general, and the reunion in particular, ought to be very intriguing. This is a preview of what will happen on November 9.

Remember to watch the reunion in particular to learn more about the couples. We’re especially curious to see how Nancy reacts to hearing all Bartise stated in his confessionals.

FAQs :

Who from Love is Blind’s third season is still a couple ?

Colleen and Matt were the only couples to exchange vows at the altar, and during the reunion, they made it known that they were still together.

Are Kyle and Deepti still together ?

Deepti Vempati, a contestant on season two of Netflix’s Love is Blind, opened out about her dating life after splitting with Kyle Abrams. Deepti Vempati enjoys being unmarried.

Do they receive payment for “love is blind” ?

A source familiar with the programme informed Women’s Health that the participants receive little to no compensation. “They really want to find love,” you say. The Netflix programme pays $1,000 weekly, up to $8,000 for the duration of filming the show, according to a complaint brought by a competitor from season 2, Jeremy Hartwell, in July 2022, per Us Weekly.

To what extent is Love Is Blind staged ?

The response to that query is the same as it is for most reality programmes. It has some degree of reality. Producers, competitors, and those familiar with the couples in real life agree that the pairing of the teams and the notion that these couples truly got engaged was 100% true.


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