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“The Amazing Maurice” : Plot, Cast,Release Information and More

Fantasy authors have a lengthy history in the UK. The works of Neil Gaiman or C.S. Lewis may come to mind when considering some of the finest fantasy stories in contemporary literature, demonstrating just how important the UK is to this type of narrative. The late Terry Pratchett, whose bibliography has endured the test of time, is one name in this category that stands out above the rest. Pratchett, whose career spanned more than 40 years, made fantasy writing his life’s work, becoming known for himself and the fantasy subgenre thanks to his 41-book Discworld series. It can be challenging to choose only one book from a back catalogue of novels larger than most libraries and has millions of fans worldwide. This is where film adaptations play, allowing us to distinguish between his best works and highlight perhaps less well-known works of art created by such an extraordinarily talented novelist.

Other details :

His 2001 children’s fantasy book The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents is one of these works. The book won the annual Carnegie Honour, which was actually the first significant award Pratchett had ever received. It was the 28th of the 41 Discworld books and was a first for children’s fiction. The Amazing Maurice, which will be released this year, is the animated feature film adaptation of the book. Pratchett fans could argue that this adaptation has taken too long to complete, yet perseverance is often rewarded with success. The movie is quickly emerging as one to watch as its release date approaches, thanks to a cast roster that is as impressive as many Oscar hopefuls and an animation style that will pique kids’ interest worldwide. Here is what we currently know about The Amazing Maurice, considering that.

The Amazing Maurice
The Amazing Maurice

The Amazing Maurice Release date

The movie will premiere on Sky Cinema in the UK on December 9, 2022, given it is a British production. There was no word on a global release for a brief while, but that changed in August 2022 with the announcement that Viva Kids Distribution had purchased the film’s rights. On January 6, 2023, The Amazing Maurice is now slated to open in theatres in the US.

The cast of The Amazing Maurice  

As previously indicated, the actor list has been a prominent feature of this movie’s promotion. A fantastic cast can either make or break the box office success of an animation picture, as we have seen with films like Sing and, more recently, The Bad Guys. With a cast long enough to warrant its walk of fame, The Amazing Maurice’s casting staff undoubtedly had this in mind. Hugh Laurie (House) portrays the title character Maurice. At the same time, other actors who appear include Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), David Thewlis (Harry Potter), Himesh Patel (Yesterday), Gemma Arterton (Byzantium), and Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey), who plays Malicia. This is only a tiny portion of the impressive cast, which also includes actors like David Tennant (Doctor Who), Joe Sugg (Thatcher Joe), and Rob Brydon (Gavin and Stacey).

The Amazing Maurice
The Amazing Maurice

With this much talent involved, The Amazing Maurice not only promises to be one of the most thrilling animated movies released in the coming months, but it also pays a testament to how excellent Terry Pratchett’s writing is. The fact that so many of these actors would have been thrilled to voice one of his famous characters shows how brilliant the man who invented them was.

The plot of The Amazing Maurice  

The following is what the official storyline summary says:

In the movie, Maurice, a sizable talking cat, visits different towns and offers to alleviate their unexpected rat problem. The rats march out of town, much to the relief of the villagers, as he reveals Keith, a little kid who plays the pipe reasonably well. Suddenly, Maurice and the cash from the thankful community vanish, only to resurface some distance away to count the money with Keith and the rodents. These aren’t your typical rats, though; they can converse, dress up, and even dream of a romantic island where they can coexist peacefully with people.

Everything goes according to plan with their “rat scam” until they get to Bad Blintz, where they meet Malicia, a young woman fascinated by books, who takes them on an adventure to uncover her town’s secret. The novel’s narrative will undoubtedly be known to Pratchett fans, for whom it can frequently be essential that the adaptation stay loyal to the original.

The Amazing Maurice
The Amazing Maurice

This will be the case with The Amazing Maurice because the writing team made the correct decision to use the original’s creative plot. Also, mix it with the fantastic voice acting and animation style. Naturally, some additional material is required when turning a book into a screenplay. Robert Chandler (A Christmas Number One) and Toby Genkel (The Ogglies). So, who have experience in children’s media, are well-suited to handle this additional content. Alongside Florian Westermann, who has a degree in film, Genkel also serves as the movie’s director. So, who has a successful experience in visual effects. Also, having contributed to films like Only Lovers Left Alive and After Earth. It will be impossible to miss seeing Pratchett’s incredible sense of story on the big screen. Well, because his imagination is practically unrivalled. 


Audiences frequently need a trailer to determine whether to purchase a movie ticket. In the case of The Amazing Maurice, it might have just inspired many more people. So, to go for their wallets and reserve a seat on opening night. The trailer suggests that the film will be fun for the whole family. Also, it will delight anyone who watches it by showcasing the book’s meta-narrative approach and clever humour. The movie also appears to have a sharp animation style to support it. The cast is the second key takeaway from the film. Also, it makes a point of highlighting how excellent the group’s voices are.

FAQs :

The Amazing Maurice is available where ?

The best resource for discovering where to watch The Amazing Maurice online is JustWatch.

In The Amazing Maurice, what happens ?

The Amazing Maurice is a talking cat who travels from town to town with his Educated Rodents, a troop of talking rats. So, acting as a plague for their accomplice, a child piper, to “lure them all away” from the town. Once this is here, they split the money the piper earns.

In The Amazing Maurice, who is Maurice ?

 Excellent Maurice, a sentient cat, the Clan, a bunch of talkative rats. So, the human kid Keith are travelling to the small town of Bad Blintz in a mail coach at the beginning of the novel.

Does Clive still have feelings for Maurice ?

In the novel, Clive suddenly determines that he has grown out of his interest. So, in men and is now to women rather than Maurice. The reader is given a view of everything from his point of view. In the end, it is revealed that he didn’t understand he was deluding himself until much later.


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