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Lowri, the young girl who wants to have a Disney princess with glasses, appears on BAFTAs!

On Sunday one of the biggest talks of the town was the ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall. This evening saw Lowri Moore walking down the red carpet in a yellow dress. She was accompanied by Encanto director Jared Bushthe box office, on billboard charts and on award shows. She is the one who actually wanted a Disney character with glasses on as she was 12. The little girl who urged the entertainment company to come up with the character and be included in Disney having a main pair of glasses as an accessory is now going viral. Once again was bought into LimeLight at the event.

Lowri on the red carpet!

 A few weeks later, Lowri Moore was invited for the event from Nottinghamshire. She was present at the coveted BAFTA ceremony. Everything became much more extra special as for the girl because the film also now got the Best Animated Film award. Well, this little 12-year-old girl back then wanted to have a Disney’s main character wearing glasses. So she wrote to Disney to create a female lead wearing glasses. Now she got a chance to attend the star studded show wearing one. While being a part of the ceremony at London’s Royal Albert Hall, she was walking down the red carpet in a yellow dress.

Her letter and dream:

 The event on Sunday surely was one of the biggest events of all the time. “Honoured” to be at the event, said Lowri while speaking to the BBC. Lowri also added that it felt “crazy to be on the red carpet. Well, she was not present alone but also was rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lady Gaga and Benedict Cumberbatch. Sure it is a dream come true for the young girl. Now the film got one of the top prizes too. Talking about it she said: “I’m just so proud of them, I knew it in my bones, I’m so thrilled for them and they totally deserve it. They put so much work into it and they really represented everybody so well.” 

While making an appearance on BBC Breakfast last week, Bush surprised the twelve year old. He left her in shock after suddenly inviting her for the BAFTAs. “As it turns out I may be in the UK and I wondered if you might be interested in maybe joining me and the other filmmakers at the BAFTA awards ceremony?” Bush stated while being on air. When the movie was released back in February, Lowri’s dream came true. It was when she saw Mirabel on-screen. As per the reports the young girl wrote the letter to Disney back in 2019.

 However, she never thought that anyone was actually going to read it. Well, a super Bush, they’ve come across a letter but her character was already ready for the production at that time. Lowri has been campaigning for the better appearance of girls wearing spectacles. Especially for those who are not to be labelled “geeks” and “nerds”. Last year, Lowri also wrote an illustrated book Princess Rose. Well as expected this main character is also wearing Golden spectacles.

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