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Mahendra Singh Dhoni once again tried a new look, fans gave mixed reactions!

We all know how much Mahendra Singh Dhoni loves to experiment with new styles. He is definitely a good cricketer but in addition to this, he is also quite fashionable. His new look always creates a buzz on all social media platforms and fans always like him in every look he tries. Literally his every style has gone viral on social media platforms and some have also tried to adapt it. Either it’s his long hair, mohawk style, or his salt and pepper look, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is definitely known for his makeovers and new fashion styles. A few days ago his funky look also went viral on social media and fans loved it. Well, amazing to know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni once again had a makeover!

On 19th August, that is, on Thursday, Star sports who are the official broadcaster of IPL, uploaded a photo of MS Dhoni in his spunky look, with blonde highlight hair and black beard. Undoubtedly, as soon as Star Sports uploaded his new look, it had to go viral on social media, as fans were really amazed by his new look. According to the post, it seems like this new look of MS Dhoni will be a part of a commercial that is for the Indian Premier League 2021 second phase. The IPL is going to start in a month in UAE.

Star sports shared this photo and captioned it, “#MSDhoni up to something new before #VIVOIPL! Stay tuned for the asli picture! #AsliPictureAbhiBaakiHai “

As Dhoni has tried a new look on himself, this time he got a lot of mixed reactions. Well, some say that they really like this new look on Dhoni and it is looking really funky on him, while others say that it’s not as good as they expected. Some even made memes by comparing him with Ranveer Singh. Overall it seems that as most people have liked his new look for this commercial, there are also some people who expected something better.

Well, it is not surprising that Dhoni loves to try literally every type of look on himself and it seems that it is a fun task for him to do so. Do you remember the monk look of Dhoni? yes, earlier this year Mahendra Singh Dhoni was also spotted with the monk look. This was first uploaded by Star sports and they captioned the photo as “our faces when we saw MS Dhoni’s new avatar that could just break the internet. What do you think it is about? They posted the photo of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in a monk look and with a pale expression.

And talking about the recent style he adapted which went viral on social media, Dhoni was looking so stylish! The new hairstyle and beard style in the Instagram post or shared by the hairstylist Aalim Hakim went so viral. In fact, Dhoni also trended because of this look which was actually styled by Aalim Hakim himself. The funky look on Dhoni was really loved by everyone and it became a headline for at least two or three days. But we have to say that the fashion game that MS Dhoni plays is always on top, and surely we can look handsome in every look that he adapts, and fans would always love him despite every look he tries!

Due to the spread of covid-19, the IPL match was then postponed halfway through its group stage. But now Mahendra Singh Dhoni and as well as the whole Chennai Super Kings group have started their training in the UAE.



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