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Xiaomi mocks Realme: Director tweets “Kitna copy karoge sir?”

Tech brands marking each other is not a new thing and famous brands in the digital world like Apple and Microsoft have been doing it for years now. The latest in this list is Xiaomi and Realme where both the brands are having rivalry and it keeps showing up now and then. Well, their war is kind of more clear in the Indian turf and recently Xiaomi got things heated up more when it decided to call Realme out on things. They think Realme has copied from them. In a tweet by the director of the Redmi business, Sneha Tainwala said that Realme has been copying the Xiaomi MI fan festival idea and launching their own Realme fan festival now which is also followed by the Realme entrepreneurship program.

Both the famous brands of Realme and Xiaomi having a battle over the product for a while now and this time Xiaomi seemed to directly attack Realme. Sneha Tainwala also posted another tweet about Realme copying their entrepreneurship program by stating ” usually a brand that copied almost everything we do, offends me. However, I feel good about this one.” This time Realme was not going to let them a step ahead and thus CMO of Realme India and Europe Francis Wong responded to the director’s tweet by stating “Sigh. Can’t believe this is coming out from a director of a proper brand. It’s time for everyone to focus on their own business. Keep our mouth shut and let products speak. PS: Comments off that it made me understand how users are gonna feel if your brand is talking like that.”

Well, this was not the first time when a brand was mocking some other brand or when things got a little bit heated up between two famous brands producing exactly similar products in the same field. However, although there was a silent war going on between Xiaomi and Realme, this was the very first time when a professional from the respective brand opened up so clearly on a social media platform talking about their views and the products of the brand. Also to make a note of, this was not the very first time when Realme got called a copycat by the brand Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Global VP and India MD Manu Jain used the exact same turn back in January of last year for the rival. Also, Realme was never mum and kept replying to all the things that were going against it. Back during the Realme 3 launch event which was back then conducted in the year 2019, Sheth mocked Xiaomi indirectly by saying “We don’t sell ads, We sell phones.” Well talking about that statement made by Realme did not go completely true as later that year Realme also started serving ads on its phones which declined the claim made by them previously. Talking about the current situation, Realme has not replied with anything nasty back to Xiaomi yet. Between both the famous brands, the competition is growing more now and over the years they have been competing with products but now the words are popping up more intensely.

The fact that the war of words is getting fierce at this point is what is hitting the headlines. Also the line from Sneha Tainwala’s tweet which said “It has now stopped being funny. Kitna copy karoge @MadhavSheth1 sir?” Is going viral and both the tweets from both the brands have many comments and shares now. Seems like the war of words will also continue in the upcoming future and the fierce competition between the companies will continue like this!



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