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“Making of a constellation” – IAF shares amazing pics of synchronized helicopters!

The Indian air force has some of the most amazing aircraft and helicopters on its fleet. Recently the Indian Air force has shared some amazing and mesmerizing pictures of its helicopter on their Twitter account in a show of its synchronized movement. The pictures of military aircraft of the Indian Air force have left many netizens amazed by the breathtaking photos, which were chaired by the official social media handles of the Indian Air Force media coordinator. Wing commander Indranil Nandi clicked the pictures which featured helicopters Chinook, Mi 17, Apache, and Cheetah.

The three awesome images of the helicopters actually showcased the aircraft on the land and then gradually was taking off and aligning in a single line. The pictures version along with the hashtag #ShowStoppers. The photo was uploaded by the official Twitter account of the Indian Air force. They also cautioned that it reads, “the making of a constellation – lights will guide you home ….. watch this space as we bring you some weekly #helolove, this festive season.” As soon as these photos were shared online, these photos went viral on the microblogging website. 

All the Twitter users are loving the photo and the perfect synchronization of the helicopters. Since the photos are being shared online it has already gained more than 9000 likes and 1000 retweets. The comment section is also filled with all the reactions of the Twitter users and people praising the officer who took this photo. Surely it can be said that the people were quite impressed by the perfect synchronization and the display of the helicopters. While some people were also busy guessing the names of the helicopters which were shown in the picture. The comment section is indeed filled with praises and also amazing reactions. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Is this love? For the first time, I have fallen in love with these helicopters. Help!” while another user commented, “Amazing photography. The mountain ranges behind these helicopters seem amazing. Hope to see chinook different looks.”

Surely the amazing looks of the helicopter were spot on but the mesmerizing scenery and background steal the show. People believed that these pics are indeed a work of art. While some netizens were busy praising the photo, some netizens did not forget to praise the officer who captured these stunning pics. People also praised Wing Commander Indranil Nandi for capturing the best shots. 

One Twitter user commented, *@rotormagic do pass on the message to Indraneel ji… He is doing a fabulous job..many folks are loving his captures..”

Some netizens also wanted other helicopters to be captured and shared by the Indian armed force official Twitter account. Netizens are now waiting for other photos of other helicopters too. Indeed netizens are busy praising the wing commander for his amazing photography skills to capture this amazing photo and also this photo has won many hearts out there. The photos are spreading at a wide range for its beauty. It is also believed now that Wing Commander Indranil Nandi has some best photography skills too!

A little information about the helicopters:

The Indian Air Force now has 22 Apache AH-64E and 15 Chinook CH-47F(I) helicopters, which were added to the fleet in July 2020. Along With the final batch of Mi-17 helicopters which were added in February 2016, there are currently 151 helicopters of this type with the Indian Air Force. Cheetah is an indigenous helicopter that is actually manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. And till date, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has manufactured around 275 helicopters that are operational in India and other foreign countries.

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