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Watch the video of the Italian duo who highly resembles Mr Bean.

If you are someone who is a huge fan of Mr Bean, then you might love to watch this Italian duo. Surely, Mr Bean is loved by so many people, especially all the kids who were born in the 1990’s. Well, it is a known fact that you might know that there are so many people who love Mr Bean and has a huge fan following. The British character of Mr Bean which is played by actor Rowan Sebastian Atkinson rose to such a huge popularity and received so much game due to his childish yet unusual ways of performing everyday tasks.

It always makes us laugh and people love his videos. The show had an animated version too and his fans absolutely are in love with his acting. It ended years ago, but fans to date re-watch his video again and again. Well, this Italian duo has a great resemblance to Mr Bean and they have gone so crazy viral on social media. The internet has loved the videos of the Italian duo and also their fans are very extremely happy to find another gem and people can’t just get enough of them.

TikTok stars Fabiola Baglieri and Aranaldo Mangini have got so famous after their videos and pictures went viral from gehir account. Well, the amazing duo has a striking resemblance to the iconic character of Mr Bean. Many social media users who watched their video often mistook the duo for being father and daughter. However, in reality they are both different content creators. Both of them acted together as Mr Bean and his daughter and went viral. Being TikTok celebrities, they are both equally famous on Instagram too. 

Well, also to make a note that they have many post photos and reels together. Fabiola also hopped on the “Question I Get Asked” trend. Fabiola informed how she is stopped almost every day for pictures due to her resemblance to Mr Bean. The dual also posted a picture of themselves with Mr Bean’s stuffed toy bear named Teddy. It is also one of the most famous posts by the duo. 

Their videos and pictures have a huge fan following and get liked in millions. All the social media users who have come across their accounts on social media can’t help but reminisce about their favourite character. A user was seen commenting in one of their posts saying, “0 my God, two legends in one frame.” Well, there was also another user who commented, “Misses Bean”. Fans of Mr Bean have become a fan of this Italian duo too.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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