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Man dresses up as a woman to write his girlfriend’s exam!

When it is true that lovers can go to any extent to help each other in difficult situations but dressing up as a woman so that you can replace your girlfriend and write her exam in her place just because she is afraid of not doing well and getting failed? Well, a Senegal man literally stepped into the shoes of his girlfriend because his 19 year old girlfriend was really scared for her exams.

Khadim Mboup is a 22 year old man who managed to look like his girlfriend so that he can write exams instead of her. He very well pulled off his appearance by looking like a woman so that he can help his girlfriend. The 22 year old did his best to replace his girlfriend in the exam by donning a wig and headscarf and wearing all women’s clothes. For three days he continuously did the same thing and went to the exam hall instead of his girlfriend. All the three exams that he wrote were English exams. Khadim Mboup’s girlfriend is Gangue Dioum, a 19 year old.

Dioum was taking her high school graduation exam and as other students usually get panicked during the exam period she was also very much stressed. She was extremely worried that she might fail the English test and thus her boyfriend came to the rescue and wanted to help her by replacing her in the exam hall. Mboup attended the Gaston Berger University near the city of Saint Loius and decided to help his lover. The couple slotted an excellent plan for several days and was finally executed during the exam period. As per the plan Mboup dressed typically like a woman by wearing a wig, headscarf, and women’s dress. He also did his makeup and wore earrings just to look like his girlfriend so that you can easily replace her without getting caught. The plan worked out very well for the couple for the first 3 days.

He attended the exam for the first three days without getting caught. However, the 4th day of the exam was not very lucky for them and Mboup got caught by the invigilator. The invigilator who appeared on the fourth day of the exam found something suspicious about his appearance and took a good look. He found that it was a man who was all dressed as a woman and sitting in the exam hall writing the exam.

They immediately called the local police and got Mboup arrested. During the time of investigation when the police inquired for the reason behind doing such a thing Mboup said that he “acted out of love.” He mentioned that his girlfriend had serious difficulties with English and thus he wanted to help his lover. He also told the police officers where his girlfriend was taking all this time as she was in a nearby lodge. The police arrested the couple and now they are being charged with examination fraud and forgery. The couple is now banned from taking any national exams for up to five years and they might also get fined and jailed for up to 5 years.



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