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Huge Python visits a supermarket in Sydney to shock the customers

We often tend to meet many people while grocery shopping but meeting a Python especially on a spice shelf of a store is not something normal for sure. A video is going viral today which was initially shot at Sydney and posted on social media platforms. Things might get really weird at certain times and a situation like this recently happened in Sydney which left netizens as well as shoppers in shock. On Monday a supermarket in Sydney had an unexpected guest which got the attention of a bunch of shoppers on that day. A 3-meter python made an appearance in the supermarket around the spice rack and the video got captured and was initially shared on the platform Facebook. In the video, the reptile is clearly seen moving around the sky shelf rack and all the bottles of condiments and spices are tumbling around it.

A Facebook user Hilary Leigh shared this video which has been going viral ever since it got posted on Facebook. The captain of this video is “Crikee, only in Australia! local Glenorie Woolworths had a lockdown offender today. No QR check-in and no mask. Luckily there was a lovely person who was very familiar with this type of species and safely looked after the good-looking culprit. Phew. A good outcome.” Helaina Alati was the person who came face to face with the non-venomous snake. When the 23-year-old spoke to BBC she said that “I just turned my head and he was about 20 cm from my face just looking straight at me.”

Surely the experience would have been very much shocking and others would have panicked if they were in Alati’s place. However, she was very much calm, and being a wildlife rescue and very much familiar with snakes she helped to identify the reptile. She was the one who first came to know that it is a non venomous snake and is a diamond python. She filmed the snake and immediately alerted the staff who managed to take the snake in a snake bag. She also stated that it seemed that the snake wanted her to take it outside the shop.

Alati further  said that she “tapped him on the tail and he just slithered in.” Alati also said that she suspected that the Snake might have been in the shop for the whole night. Once the snake got caught in the snake bag and it was quickly taken far away from the shop. They let the snake go far away from the houses in an area of Bushlands which is the natural habitat for the snake species in Sydney. Thankfully it was Ms. Alati who was present in the supermarket and who was near the snake at that time. The comment section of this video was all filled with people sharing their views and how they would have reacted if they were in this place where the incident took place.



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