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Man got a speeding ticket but it was his pet dog driving the car.

We see a lot of funny videos on the internet now and then. You will find many on your feed, especially for someone who loves to entertain themselves with amazing funny videos. A very funny video on the internet is making everyone laugh. This man’s experience is something that you will find hardly anywhere else. Well, a speeding ticket is not for sure a very funny thing. Many people truly face a lot of issues along with it. However, this man’s experience in Germany is something that is making everyone laugh. The entire story has left many social media users amused by it. 

The man got a speeding ticket because of his dog. As per the reports, he was held responsible for breaking the traffic rules. However you believe it or not. The dog played a huge part in the story. The man received a letter from the authorities to pay a fine. There was a picture showing that it was not a human who was driving the vehicle. But instead of a human, there was a canine behind the wheel. This letter received in the post stated a fine of €50. It was because a traffic camera captured his car. 

The funny incident:

The camera showed that the car was driving at a way faster speed than the speed limit. However, talking about the picture, it was not the man behind the wheels, and the camera caught his small dog staring at the road ahead. The driver’s nephew Don Kylian shared the hilarious picture on his Twitter account. Many people who came across the viral story were completely amazed by it. Also, the entire social media platform where the story was spread while left in splits after knowing about the incident. 

While speaking to The Dodo, Kylian said, “My first reaction was ‘That can’t be real.’ I think my uncle was just as surprised.” well, the sentiment is not something that we come across now and then. Such very funny yet amazing things happen very rarely for sure. Many social media users who came across the story were also confused regarding the incident. Some people also stated that it might be the little dog who took the car for a spin. 

Some details:

Well, as per the explanation and reports should be for the thing and the fact can be true. Talking about similar incidents before the four-legged drivers are not something new to the topic. The animals that get in trouble with the police eventually have to be rescued later. However, giving some details regarding another particular incident and his uncle’s case, Kylian revealed a bit about it. He said while it was true that the dog was caught on camera, it was only because the pet had decided to hop on his driver’s lap at that moment. 

He also furthered that they make sure that they have a special wealth for safety. Later, he added, “That day, my uncle forgot to put it on him.” The animal also seems to decide to cuddle hima that very movement when the camera decides to catch the photo. “The funny part is, he was in his lap for just three seconds,” the nephew said.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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