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Mumbai police from The Khaki Studio plays a cover of ‘Ya Mustafa’.

The Khaki Studio is one of the most famous things about the Mumbai police department. The police department has always been very impressed with all the content they share on the online social media platform. Mainly they are banned, which is impressive to many social media users who love music. According to the sources, it initially started during colonial times, and the reports set it up by the British as the Bombay Police Band in 1936. Talking about The Mumbai police’s Khaki Studio band, the latest is currently hitting the headlines. They were able to make others  Weak much more extra special with their fantastic melody.

The band was able to make a fantastic instrumental cover and release date on Monday. Ever since it was available online in the US, doing arounds on the Internet and all the Indian social media uses her loving it. Especially the people from Mumbai are sharing in that an extensive range. This time, the elaborate band named after the famous Coke Studio presented the cover of Ya Mustafa. It is for sure one of the most famous songs from Egypt.

The famous cover song:

As per the reports, the song by the police band was famous because of several instruments. The instruments included a tenor saxophone, euphonium, flat clarinet, oboe, tuba, flute, etc. The instrumental cover of the song, which was by Egyptian musician and composer Mohamed Fawzi, was available online. The initially posted the cover song on the Mumbai police’s YouTube page. Also, the game up with a tweet on the force’s Twitter handle to share the music video. “#KhakiStudio presents a ‘must-watch rendition of ‘Ya Mustafa’ – an evergreen multilingual song from Egypt, first made popular in Europe by singer Bob Azzam” is what they wrote while posting the video.

Along with posting the cover song on the YouTube channel, the city law enforcement agency wrote about it. They stated that the song has been famous in several languages for its “unique and catchy tunes.” Further, they also added, “Several different versions, including parodies, have been recorded. The song first became popular in Europe with the help of singer Bob Azzam, who released it in 1960 in France”. A few days back, Khaki Studio released its version of Srivalli. The song was very famous in different languages, and it is a romantic number from the blockbuster movie Pushpa: The Rise.

The other songs by the band:

The band first shot to fame in August 2021. That is when they played the catchy theme music for the James Bond films. We have seen them playing diverse music with catchy tunes and music in the past few months. They have also included several old Bollywood hit songs in their list. It includes Kishore Kumar’s Mere Sapno Ki Rani, patriotic songs like Aye Watan Tere Liye, and even the Italian protest song Bella Ciao. It is famous for the Netflix series Money Heist. The Mumbai police department never tends to be lacking an impressing they are followers.

The always come up with some fantastic post or cover songs by the band, which always tends to hit the headlines. Also, how can we forget all the witty posts they make to spread awareness on the social media platform. Their post regarding the traffic rules shows that they are a band making such fantastic cover songs. They always 10 impress many social media users with fantastic content. Also, several police departments from different states have been using social media to reach out tomorrow people for the past few months. It is more remarkable that they are taking the initiative to use modern techniques to spread the news and reach more people online.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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