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Man makes makeshift bed in train aisle by using blanket in viral video. Jugaad pro max, says Internet

Well if you are a frequent traveller, you may know the tension regarding your tickets. And especially, during a vacation or simply on a work trip, it is sure that many of us have faced the anxiety and the tension of not having our train tickets confirmed at the last moment. The fear is definitely real! even if by chance the ticket qualifies for Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC), the struggle of having to adjust with another passenger in the narrow berths, which is nothing less than a nightmare, can be actually felt by some people who have experienced it. But, this hilarious video of a man is now going all sorts of viral for giving a solution as he did not get a confirmed seat on a train. Some of you may have experienced this scene and may have also taken the struggle, but trust us, it will definitely make you giggle unconditionally, and it is sure that this video is going to make your day better.

The hilarious video which was shared on Instagram, showcased the interior of a train compartment, and in the middle of the aisle, a blanket can be seen fastened to two ends. As the clip goes on, a man steps on the hammock like a blanket and then he also makes himself comfortable  as he relaxes on it. Surely it can be said that this is a big checkmate to the train reservation system!

The hilarious video clip has become so viral that it has been circulating all over social media as people are loving the jugadu way. Netizens bursted out into laughter as soon as they saw this amazing video and it has been viewed over 73,000 times as it has also received several reactions from netizens. While some pointed out how this type of jugaad is extremely comfortable and were quite impressed by the man, and some have all tried it, others simply shared laughing emoticons in the comments section. Overall, this video actually impressed many people out there. 

A user commented, “Bhai bhi aisa kar chuka hu- mast neend aati hai (Bhai even I have done this- felt very sleepy),” while the other user said, “iske liye ticket ki bhi zarurat nahi hai ( you don’t even need ticket for this)” 

Yet another one said, ” it is a good idea, the way he thought to sit.” Many people have lauded him for the way he used his mind in an hilarious way.

This generation is all about jugaad, as netizens say. And sometimes, these amazing videos of “jugaad” have gone so viral that people never forget to try them once in their life. The netizens have as always loved these types of videos and the videos too have gained a lot of attention by many people out there. It has to be said that the Internet is the one of the best places to find all the jugadi videos made by the people, which sometimes turns out to be useful for other netizens. Talking about this particular video, well, people loved it and were stunned by such an idea struck to the man’s mind. So, would you people take the risk of  trying this jugaad the next time you don’t get a confirmed ticket?

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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