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Sachin Tendulkar shares the video of a dog wicket keeping and netizens love it

When it comes to dogs, it can be said that dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are truly man’s best companions and a person can never feel alone if he or she has a dog with them. Many people may also know it. as they have a dog as their pet or they may have seen many dog videos on the Internet which proves it all that the dogs are really man’s best friend. New video supported online can show that dogs are so cute and humble with humans, and also shows how humans and their dogs rely on each other. So undoubtedly they are the true companions one can have and several videos on the internet to prove so. Well the dogs can also do several other tasks for their humans such as fetch your newspaper, watch TV with you and even play cricket with you. Well, cricket sounds surprising right? So if you are surprised with the last phrase, then let us show you this viral video shared on Twitter by former India cricketer Sachin Tendulkar so that you can clear all your doubts. Along with this, this video can even make your day better and may make you smile with its infectious happiness.

The video at first starts with children playing cricket with stumps made from sticks on a street and then further in the video, it can be seen that the doggo can was roaming all around the area. Further in the video it can also be seen a girl holding the bat hits the ball and the doggo quickly catches it and returns it to the bowler. Sounds amazing right? This shows that there is nothing that dogs cannot do. Every household that has a dog as a family man always makes sure that the dogs feel like one of them and teaches many things and trains them very well so that they can bring along with their family and friends. But have you ever heard about the situation before where a dog can have someone to play cricket in such a good condition being a good addition to the team. They are indeed all rounders and are no less than humans of course when it comes to making someone happy and to make someone feel at home. Well, it’s not only us who think like this, other netizens and most importantly, Sachin Tendulkar thinks the same!

Yes, you read that right! This video game got so much attention from all netizens out there that even Sachin Tendulkar had to repost it on his official Twitter account and he also shared some words regarding this video. “Received this from a friend and I must say, those are some ‘sharp’ ball catching skills. We’ve seen wicket-keepers, fielders and all-rounders in cricket, but what would you name this?” Sachin Tendulkar captioned the post. The post has then gained a lot of views and likes and the comment section was also filled with lots of praises for the dog. 

The video has garnered over 243k views and the numbers are still increasing. While some couldn’t stop clapping at the genius doggo, others simply declared it as the best all-rounder in the match. All the social media users who came across the video are crazy in love with it and are sharing it to all their close ones making sure that the video gets more trendier and reaches every other person around the world.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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