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Manipur CM exports the very 1st batch of black rice to Europe

For the very first time, the one metric ton of organic Manipur black rice is all set and exported to Europe on Thursday. Well, the consignment left Imphal on Thursday and the black rice which is also famous is known as Chakhao. It is exported to Europe for the first time. The aromatic black rice Chakhao is actually very much famous for its unique aroma and taste and it is mainly used for community feasts as well as to make a kheer which is also an Indian sweet dish. 

The black rice got a geographical indication tag in May 2020 and it is very well known for the number of medical uses. Chakhao has been widely used for many years because of the number of health benefits that it has and it is also very well known among traditional medical practitioners. This is because of its health benefit as well as the aroma it is sold at a price range of rupees 100 to 120 for 1 kg on an average in Imphal, Manipur. Chief Minister N Biren Singh of Manipur held an event to mark the exportation of this high-quality rice to Europe for the very first time. In the event, he spoke that “For the first time 1 MT of this highly nutritious rice variety was being exported.” 

He also made a note that organic ginger and pineapple are also being exported frequently by the Manipur organic mission agency. The Manipur Chief Minister also made sure that all the districts were highly affected by the destruction of poppy plantations. The government anti-drug camp receives these high-quality seeds and villagers can make up for the loss easily. The seeds that are all transported to the villagers via several vehicles include cabbage, quinoa, and ginger, and they are all provided to the villagers under the Alternate Seed Distribution Scheme by the Department of Horticulture and soil conservation. 

As per the statement made by the Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh, the Chakhao Black rice that is now exported to Europe actually has a very high demand from different parts of the country as well and as it has got the geographical indication tag. It will be now exported to many other places as the cultivation will also rapidly increase. He has also publicly stated that all necessary support has been provided to the farmers and there is a high need and demand for quantity and quality increase in production of indigenous varieties. Well, CM N Biren Singh has also appreciated people who supported him and gave a very positive response to the campaign, and proved to be a helping hand.



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