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NASA scientists forecast that a large asteroid might hit earth in the next 300 years!

Renowned space agency NASA spoke about an asteroid which they named Bennu earlier this week and a piece of shocking news was out by them. Well as per the scientists, the asteroid that might hit earth in the next 200 to 300 years is as huge as the Empire State building which is present in New York and it might cause huge devastation. 

Well for sure not our generation or our grandchildren’s generation is going to get affected by it as it is now said that the asteroid will not hit earth until the 2100s. For hundreds of millions of years, this asteroid has orbited the sun in relative isolation and there is a small chance that it could slam into Earth. As per the information from NASA’s OSIRIS- Rex spacecraft the researchers analysed that the 1 in 1750 chance of a future collision is predictable and over the next three centuries a slightly higher probability of this asteroid to hit earth is what many processes are estimating. 

Well, as per the prediction made, the likely impact of the asteroid Bennu to come in contact with earth might occur on the afternoon of September 24, 2182. Davide Farnocchiaa who is the scientist and author of a study along with 17 other scientists on Hazard assessment for near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu said that “I am not any more concerned about Bennu than I was before. The impact probability remains really small.” 

As per the prediction which is out, for now, the asteroid Bennu might have the highest probability to come around 125000 miles close to the earth by the year 2135 which is just half the distance from the earth to the moon. However, the scientists cannot predict the exact distance of the asteroid to come near Earth because the gravity of the earth might slingshot Bennu which will pass near it in the future and also as per the date set by the scientist which they predicted the day when the asteroid will hit the earth has only 0.037 percent to come true.

 The chances of the asteroid Bennu striking the Earth on that exact day which is now predicted by the scientists is not very high and they have also assured that it will not lead to any kind of extinction. But the only cause of the asteroid hitting Earth will be devastation which can be enormous and hard to tackle. It is also now out that the OSIRIS-Rex chose asteroid Bennu because of the type of carbon molecules that is present in this asteroid. So it could provide information regarding the building blocks of life on earth and also the spacecraft OSIRIS- Rex that has been studying the asteroid Bennu very closely for the last two years according to NASA.



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