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Maya and the Three: The mini-series explained!

Maya and the Three is also in Spanish available as Maya y los tres. It is a miniseries which is a computer-animated fantasy. This streaming television miniseries by Jorge R. Gutiérrez is very famous. The production is by Tangent Animation and in Total the series had 9 episodes. Initially we got to see the series from October 22, 202. Thanks to the famous online streaming platform of Netflix that we got to see and enjoy this mini series. 

Plot of Maya and the Three:

The entire mini series was something that was highly cherished. It is famous among many people around the globe. It not only became famous on the worldwide level but also many love the plotline. It was something that will make you fall in love with it. You will surely enjoy your time watching the mini series. For all the people who are looking for something entertaining to give a look go for it. For sure they should surely watch the series if they haven’t yet. Not only has it got good reviews from around the globe because of the plot line but also the scenes are well taken.

You will enjoy your time and this is a glimpse of the plot line of the series. However if you do not like spoilers then do not read it. Here is a short information of what the series is all about. You can expect all the things to happen and go for it now. In the series all scenes are actually set up in a pre-colonial Mesoamerica world. Yes you read that right and that is one of the facts that most of the people loved for sure.

 Also if you are a fan of all indigenous cultures, then you will surely find it in the series. That is one of the main reasons that we are suggesting this mini series. You will find the main character Maya as a warrior princess. The story actually starts from the scene where she is celebrating birthday. It is her fifteenth birthday. On her birthday the underworld gods appear. A shocking thing happens to her and that changes her life and entirely turns upside down. When the underworld gods make their entrance they demand that she will have to pay. 

It is for her family’s misdeeds and this will cause her a lot of trouble. From this scene everything in her life changes. The main important factor to consider here is that she actually cannot refuse them. If you decide to refuse the demand from the gods, the gods will actually ravage her. Not only her but also the world she is living in will face the issues.

 That is when the 15 year old main character decides to fulfill their demand. She starts her own journey and is also on her quest. In order to fulfill all The prophecy from the gods, warriors will be starting a new journey now. She will not only have to defeat the gods but also will have to save humanity and the word. She doesn’t want any destruction to happen to the humanity of the world she is living in.  

Maya and the Three: Characters 

In the series you will see our main protagonist, Zoe Saldaña as Princess Maya. Also the character of Picchu is by Gabriel Iglesias. Also the character of Zatz plays an important role in the series. He is the prince of bats and the character’s voice is by Diego Luna. All the fans will get to see Gaell García Bernal as Lance, Dagger, and Shield, the Jaguar Brothers. They are none other than Maya’s three older brothers. The character of Ah Puch is by Rita Moreno. Want to make a note of you will get to see Alfred Molina as Lord Mictlan. He will be playing the role of the God of War. Allen Maldonado is as Rico. 

Also there is Andy Santana as Young Rico. Stephanie Beatriz will be acting as Chimi. And how can we forget Kate del Castillo as Lady Micte. Well, she is the Goddess of Death. She is also our protagonist Maya’s biological mother. In the series the god of earthquakes is by Danny Trejo who plays Cabrakan. Cheechh Marin as Hura & Can. They are the Gods of Wind as well as of Storms in the series. We fans will get to see the goddess of alligators in the series. It is by Rosie Perez as Cipactli. Also Queen Latifah is playing the role of Gran Brujo. 

She will be acting as the only daughter of Brujo. The character of Gran Brujo is by Wyclef Jean. Also Isabela Merced is acting as the Widow Queen in the mini series. There is Chelsea Rendon as Acat. She will play the role of the Goddess of Tattoos. Joaquín Cosío will play the role of the Camazotz. He is the God of Bats. There is Carlos Alazraqui as Chivo. It is the role of the God of Dark Magic. Also Eric Bauza is acting as Vucub. Well, he is the God of Jungle Animals. 

talking about the release of the mini series it was initially on Netflix. This series was available to watch since  October 22, 2021. The description given by Netflix for the series is an “animated event told in nine epic chapters.” Each and every episode of the mini series actually lasts for around 30 minutes. Overall it goes on for four and a half hours.

In conclusion, in this article you will get to know everything about the mini-series. We have got the information from all the reliable sources and it is all given here. The information above in this article is from safe sources. You will also get the details regarding the plot line of the mini-series. You can also find the site where you can actually watch all the episodes. It is from platforms as we have reliable sites to watch it.

 You can get a glimpse of what all characters are in the mini-series. Also you can know about what are the roles they are playing by reading the article. If you get any other information regarding the series we will surely update here.

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