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Read all about- Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro!

Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro chhori has a huge fan following. The fandom of this manga is huge because of its amazing plot. All the Japanese web manga lovers love this series by Nanashi. Nanashu is also famous as 774. Initially the manga was available to us to watch on Magazine Pocket. 

It is an online platform that is promoting app web manga. The magazine was available to us by Kodansha. Back in November 2017, it was out and this anime television series got many people crazy. Thanks to Telecom Animation Film for airing it. It was airing from April to June 2021. for all the fans who wanted more of the series they have good news to know about. The Maker’s announcement of having a second season has hit the headlines now.

Plot of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro:

The announcement stated Naoto Hachioji. He is an introverted second-year student at Kazehaya High School. Totally avoiding any interactions with the public. Well, he loves to spend his free time drawing manga. prefers to avoid social interactions and draw manga in his spare time. Talking about the first-year girl Hayase Nagatoro she discovers it. She comes to know about the manga and calls him “Senpai”. This is her way of teasing him. She teases him so much that he is facing all troubles at one point. Also she is bullying him for a very long time. It is for his timid personality and otaku interests.

 She often sometimes calls lewds as in a sexually suggestive fashion. Well, her bullying day by day makes him more assertive. Later Senpai starts to have a feeling for Nagatoro in return. Well, this makes him come out of his comfort zone.  We also have Yosshii and Sakura in the series. Well, initially they look very rude and cruel. Their first appearance seems like they are shallow high school girls. It seems they might cause trouble for Senpai. Well, they later sense the bond and crush between Senpai and Nagatoro. Their mutual crush makes them support them. 

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Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro: Characters!

  • Hayase Nagatoro- Sumire Uesaka: She is a first year high school student. She is someone who loves teasing Senpai. She just wants to cause trouble for him but also has a huge crush on him.

She doesn’t leave a single chance to believe him and that is her way to just show how much she is in love. Her friends are also supportive and she is a supporting member of the swimming club. She loves to spend her time performing mixed martial arts. Later she also became a part of the judo club in the second year.  

  • Naoto Hachiōji- Daiki Yamashita: he is someone who is very interested in drawing. Also he doesn’t like social interactions. you can find them as a very into water person who loves to spend time alone. After knowing Nagatoro and starts hanging out with her and her friends. Well, they are a good Bon. He slowly starts opening up and also Nagatoro calls Naoto “Senpai”.
  • Gamo- Mikako Komatsu: she is one of close friends of Nagatoro’s friends. With orange hair and a mature character, she is totally amazing. Having a tough appearance she often acts as a big sister. She calls Senpai as “Paisen” and her  family runs a mixed martial arts gym.
  • Yosshii-  Aina Suzuki: She is Nagatoro’s friend and likes to follow Gamo around.  She is “a bit of an airhead”. She just repeats whatever Gamo says.
  • Sakura – Shiori Izawa: One of Nagatoro’s friends. Well she is someone with  tan skin and short blonde hair. fans might see her at certain scenes. She is showing up more actively in chapter 27. And in other parts of the scenes she is present for a short time. Her personality on the surface is sweet. She looks like someone who is very sweet and has a good personality. But in reality her character shows a lot of negative things. She is mostly jealous and loves to have the attention of boys over. It is to compete for her attention, often speaking about stringing. It is along with several guys at the same time for having fun. 
  • Club President- Nana Mizuki: in the anime series you will find her as a third-year student. She is the head of the Art Club and has long hair.  With beautiful crimson eyes, and a busty chest, she looks very familiar. As you would have seen a similar character in Senpai’s manga. 

She doesn’t like the fact that the club has become more close to Nagatoro and her friends. This is when she decides to blackmail to shut it down. It all then goes on with a challenge at the school festival. Nevertheless, her painting  disqualifies and she withdraws. The punishment given to her by Nagatoro’s friends is to dress like a bunny girl. She decides to get close to Nagatoro- by supporting Senpai. 

  • Nagatoro’s sister- Nagatoro has an older sister in the series. She is a university student and is a great character. In the series you will find her as someone who cares for her sister. She loves to spoil her little sister and takes care of her. Well she also sometimes likes to tease her.  Many people who watch the series love her character.

She is not only a good sister but also sometimes embarrasses her younger sister. That is funny for sure to watch. Talking about Nagatoro, her sister is just like a role model for her. She is someone who everyone can fall in love with because of her amazing personality..

To sum it all up you will find a lot of information about the anime. This article is all about what the anime really is and what you will find in it. You can know a lot of details regarding the characters that you will see in the series. Also you can know about the upcoming season if there is any while reading the article. 

Get to know about what the character is and what they do in the series. Also know much more in detail about the protagonist and the plot of the anime. We are always ready to let you know anything and everything about the series. If you find anything new or find any new updates we will surely update here in the article. Read to know much more about other series right now.


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