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A bridge has been made on Beypore beach in Kozhikode that makes you feel like you’re walking on waves!

One of the latest videos that is going crazy on the Internet showing the beauty of nature much more is this innovative bridge. As per the reports, this amazing bridge is located at a beach which is in Kerala. It is something that has been hitting the headlines for a long time now and people are visiting the stage just for visiting this bridge. As per the reports around 50 people will be allowed on a bridge at one time.

 Also they will be required to wear life jackets for their safety when they will be present on this bridge. according to the sources it will be a feeling of walking over the Waves if you stand on this bridge. Well it seems like it is a very impossible task to actually feel as if someone is walking over the wheels of the sea. 

The new bridge:

However this newly constructed floating bridge which is located in Kerala’s Kozhikode might be a dream come true for many people. As per the reports which were shared by ANI on Sunday it shows the video that is going very much viral. You will be able to see many people enjoying the innovative bridge which is located at the Beypore beach in Kozhikode. It looks like it can actually smoothly sink with the movements of the Waves. 

So far, the video has been watched more than 3 lakh times. It has also got thousands of likes and comments on it. Many people are talking about this amazing invention which actually is a coin interesting to know about. As per the reports this bridge will be officially inaugurated by Minister of Public Works of Kerala PA Mohammad Riyaz. The inauguration event will be held on March 31. The bridge will be also open to the public and it actually is mainly evening to attract more to rest. 

Viral video:

People from all across the country who came across this bridge are actually more interested in visiting Kerala now. As per the reports by Manorama News, the bridge can carry up to 500 people at a time. Nevertheless, only 50 people will be allowed on it. The people who will be present on the bridge will be required to wear life jackets. At the end of the structure, there is a 15-meter wide platform. According to the sources it will give people a perfect and close-up view of the sea. Well,  this 100-meter long and three-meter wide bridge is actually more famous and interesting because of another fact. Well as per the reports the bridge is actually relocatable and can be moved to other locations as well. 

It is not permanently attached to the structure. It is made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Well,, the bridge is reinforced at the beach with 31 anchors. According to the sources these anchors weigh  around 100 kilograms. The anchors are removable and thus structure can be shifted to another beach too if required. Well, before all the beautiful stunning pictures of the Chenab Bridge were making rounds on the internet. Well, it is the world’s highest railway bridge that went viral before on social media.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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