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Mermaid or fish: This optical illusion leaves social media stuck in it!

One of the most exciting things that social media users are always sent to find outside the social media platform is optical illusions. Over the months, the trend of having different optical illusions appearing on many people’s pages keeps on increasing. Also, many people are addicted to finding and cracking out these illusions. Once again, one of the most tricky optical illusions is going on several social media platforms. All the social media users who came across it found it difficult to crack it. 

Also, so many social media users kept on sharing it with the people they knew so that they could find what this optical illusion is all about. Also, an interesting fact about this optical illusion is that it became so viral that it also got the attention of the one and only JK Rowling. Harry Potter and the entire series of Harry Potter, they will surely know who she is. The one and only creator of the famous Harry Potter series talking about it is all about you deciding whether this illusion is a fish or whether it is a mermaid. 

The famous optical illusion:

The optical illusion is playing discussion on the right brain versus the left brain of every person who comes across it. Also, this optical illusion is leaving so many social media users about it. Many internet users are scratching their hair after coming across it, and many are coming up with different answers to find a proper solution behind it. It is becoming one of the most challenging concepts you would have ever encountered on a social media platform. 

Whether it is a fish or mermaid is one of the hottest discussions of the town right now. Talking about the optical illusion, the caption of this post says, “If you’re right-brained, you’ll see a fish. well you’re left-brained, you’ll see a mermaid. “This particular viral post has also started a proper discussion on the social media platforms by many social media users debating aborted. Also, you will find many celebrities and famous personalities around the globe who are trying to guess the correct solution behind this optical illusion. 

What do netizens say about it?

Some are also saying that this solution is not it. For a moment, but it is something else. Among many such famous personalities who are actually behind this optical illusion, one of them was the Harry Potter author. Yes, J K Rowling. She is also one of those people who choose that optical illusion. It is not a fish, and neither is it a mermaid. As per the writer, guessing states that others are a donkey see in this optical illusion. Many others also had the same abuse as her.

 The American comedian and writer Sean O’Connor also followed suit. He stated, “I see a donkey telling me to burn down a church”. Well, it looks like a badly-tied bin liner. It is for English comedian and writer David Baddiel first, and then, he found it to be a donkey. Talking about British actor Adrian Lester, it seems like a seal for him. “A young lady looking away or an old lady looking forward and down,” a user commented. “I see a donkey, some fish monstrosity, and a sea lion,” said a social media user who came across the optical illusion.

 There are so many optical illusions found on several social media platforms, from trying to guess a particular dress colour in 250 to find the curve of the lines. There are so many hit obstacle illusions which got many people attracted towards. It has also left many social media users in it for a very long time over the years. Recently, many social media users struggled inside a Black and White optical illusion, and it was going viral at a high rate.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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