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Messi fans from Kerala spot him and he waves back which took the internet in Storm!

A video currently is going crazy viral on several social media platforms where two men from Kerala especially got a golden chance to meet their favorite football star Messi. Sameer and Anas went to Paris for their professional work but an unexpected thing happened to them and thankfully blazer video of them now going viral too. The duo was very much happy and excited after they spotted the football idol Lionel Messi, on a hotel’s balcony in Paris. Messi was in Paris at that time to join Paris Saint Germain and Messi and both the Malayalam men were staying at the same hotel. 

It was a very much lucky day for both Sameer and Anasas they got to see their star footballer. Well, there was a humongous crowd standing outside the hotel and they all were waiting for just one look at the idol Messi. The football icon came to his balcony and waved to his fans who were standing outside the hotel and he was staying in this hotel in Paris after ending his two-decade-long stint with Barcelona. Anas is from Thrissur and Sameer from Malappuram and they both got a huge surprise that day when they saw Messi waving to use crowd waiting outside the hotel on the streets. 

They got a glimpse of him and in the video also we can hear Anas screaming ” Messi Messi Messi Messi…” until the footballer gives a look at him and gives the thumbs up to the lucky man. After he got the footballers attention, you can hear Anas excitedly screaming ” can I have…Oh my god can’t believe this” while Sameer was talking to the telegraph said, “we had a faint idea that Messi would be staying in our hotel…. but we never expected to be standing one balcony apart and see him wave at us.” Well surely only such coincidences happen very rarely and the video first was on Facebook by Anas which instantly got viral and had thousands of views within a few hours.

 Sameer also got a chance to have a picture with the football star and he spoke to the telegraph by saying that “I waited more than 2 hours to manage another great moment with him. Once he stepped out around 3 p.m. I pleaded with him to take a selfie.” Initially, his bodyguards didn’t allow Sameer to get close to the football star but however, he managed to get a picture with Messi and the day proved it really to be a lucky day. The video receives many comments and likes every single second now and also many of Messi’s fans shared their views that how lucky both the Kerala men were to get the attention of the star footballer.



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