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Mind blowing video: Man throws beans with wok and it lands perfectly on a plate!

We find so much bizarre and mind-boggling stuff on the internet online every single day and can we ever get just enough of it?  Of course, the answer is a no! Well, currently such a video is going crazy viral on the internet. The video has been winning so many hearts on the internet and netizens are all going super crazy about it right now. Well, who can question then as the video is truly something that will blow your mind? Video street food often gets the attention of many social media users as easily as those who hate street food?

 But now a video of a street food vendor and his amazing trick is catching the attention of so many online.  In the currently going viral video, you can see a street vendor showing his amazing skills in a unique way that will shock you. Well, the vendor is seen tossing food which we often find on the internet. But this video has something new and thus the way he delivered his food to a customer.  He delivered the food, throwing it at a man across the street which landed perfectly on his plate. The video now has gone viral and it is too good to miss out for sure. 

The clip was posted on TikTok initially but later started spreading like a wildfire on the internet. Now, this viral Tik Tok video has made its way to Instagram and all the Instagram users are loving it. It has now been getting shared widely and has an insane 22.8 million views till now which keeps increasing every single minute on social media. In the now-viral video, this man can be seen cooking green beans in a wok. As soon as he was done with the cooking, he picked up the wok with the help of a cloth and tossed the beans in the air in a pretty good way. 

Something that will màke you think twice happened next and the beans landed right on the plate of the other man who is seen in the video standing across the street. Yes, you read that right, and thankfully the epic scene was captured on the camera. Also, it has now hit the headlines as people and all the Netizens who watched the video were left impressed by the man’s cooking skills. 

All the netzines who watched the video did not forget to share the same with their closed ones making it way more trendy now. They all thought that the video was amazing and of course, it was especially after looking at the street food vendor’s skills which makes one think whether this video is a real one or not.“Is that real?” a social media user commented at the comment section of the video. Another user on Instagram was seen saying, “Wow, amazing.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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