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Desi dadi keeps adding ghee on roti as granddaughter keeps saying no!

Oops, I Did It Again and now it is trending in the most hilarious way on so many social media platforms today and soon was successful to hit the headlines. The trend initially began on the Instagram platform and now has got the attention of so many social media users who have become viral now. The video has made netizens participate in it in the most hilarious ways in this trend and now we cannot just get enough of it. Now, one of the videos of a desi dadi is taking the internet by storm and we Desi netziens just fell in love with it. The video of the Desi dadi was just a version of the trend that has caught the eye of netizens and the video is getting hugely shared on several other platforms now. Well, if your dadi also loves feeding you everything and anything with Desi ghee then and absolutely loves the ghee-laden food, then you’ll definitely find the video relatable and will love it.

The short clip which was shared online on Instagram, by Yashvi Bagga shows her dadi in it. Dadi is sitting in front of a plate with a roti and a jar of ghee. Well, we all know the famous Britney Spear named Oops I Did It Again which is going crazy viral right now and the same song is heard in the background of the video. Along with that, we can see Yashvi’s dadi lathers a very good amount of ghee on her roti. Well, the granddaughter just like what others would have done at the situation is seen pleading in front of her Dadi. She pleads with dadi not to add so much of ghee and stops her from adding more any further. 

Well, the Dadi in the video being the Desi Indian swag dadi wearing black sunglasses is totally unmatchable and adorable . “No cure to desi dadi!” Said the captioned of the video clip posted shared by Yashvi Bagga (@yashvayayay). Well, the amazing yet funny video that shows the love of Dadi in a hilarious way is now showered with lots of comments and likes. It has gotten over 26,000 likes and tons of love comments and reactions from netizens on social media. 

There were also many Instagram users who got the complete the vibe of this dadi’s love from the video and all thanks to this amazing video that we got to see a grandma’s love in the Desi style of course  the Dadi and her urge to feed her grandkids all the good stuff especially a generous amount of ghee and butter is not hidden at any house and this video is just an example of it. Well many also pointed out how the clip made them miss their Dadi too.

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