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Mukesh Khanna on New Shaktimaan’s upcoming movie! Says he can do everything and has no competition with the Avengers!

One of the most famous superheroes that is going viral as one of the most famous trending topics right now is Shaktimaan. Well, it is also true that we find a lot of memes related to our desi superhero. It is often every now and then. However recently a trialology on Shaktimaan was announced by Sony pictures India. Well, actor Mukesh Khanna who was the one that made the character of Shaktimaan so famous. Since its release, the Doordarshan, he spoke a little about it. He played the role of Shaktimaan back in the days and had a huge fan following for sure.  

Shaktimaan’s upcoming new movie!

Well, talking about it, the upcoming movie has not got any lead actor. Well, the filmmakers are still hunting for a suitable person to play this role. While speaking to Brut India, actor Mukesh Khanna stated that Shaktimaan has all the powers that any superhero can ever have. He stated the powers of the character are actually higher than compared to any other superhero in the world. “If you compare Shaktimaan with the powers of any superhero, maybe an Iron Man, maybe a Spider-man, maybe a Superman, Shaktimaan can do everything,” he said. The actor added that the desi superhero will give stiff competition to MCU’s Avengers. 

“It will become a global superhero now, in front of maybe Avengers,” he said. Mukesh Khanna then added that our public might think that the superhero’s powers should be more. It is so that it can beat up against Avengers. However, as per the actor’s statement, one thing is clear about our desi superhero. It is that he does not require any extra set of powers. Well, Shaktimaan is made of five elements of the universe. “People say you will have to increase the powers, Avengers have come and you are in competition with Avengers. But let me tell you that Shaktimaan has every kind of power because he’s made from the five elements of the universe,” Khanna said. 

The teaser of the film:

Revealing a lot about the upcoming film, he says, “Bigger villains will be there. The gadgets will be big. But Shaktimaan’s soul will remain the same.” Then he was seen saying that the kids of the generation who saw the television show must be parents now. Thus, it is for sure that they will want their kids to have a look at this superhero. After all they grew up with him. Mukesh Khanna, while speaking to ETimes stated, “It will be made on a higher scale and keeping today’s scenario in mind. Shaktimaan will retain its originality and the essence will not change even in the film.” 

There was this one minute video released in order to show a s of this upcoming film. The video was released back in February. It comes along with a tagline of the movie saying, “As darkness and evil prevail over humanity, it’s time for him to return”. Well, many people who actually used to be a fan of shaktiman in their childhood times absolutely loved the idea. Itv is of having their superhero come back. Surely the movie is going to be a hot topic of the town in the upcoming days. Well, we will get to know about the lead roles and also a little bit of plot line.

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