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Mumbai police department on The Power of the Dog takes the internet by storm!

One of the most famous psychological dramas that has made it to the headlines because of its amazing storyline is The Power of the Dog. It is one of the craziest psychological dramas and has been nominated for 12 academy awards this year. Well, for sure the drama has a huge fan following and everybody is talking about it since its release. Also, it is said that one of the most loyal animals in this world is a dog and it is man’s Best Friend as well. Well in the latest Street by the Mumbai police department we will be the fact. They shared that a canine can also be “the best actor in a leading role”.

 Well, with the beginning of the Oscar ceremony the Mumbai police department came up with this amazing content that is going around on the internet. As per the tweet the city has been endorsing a dog for the award of ‘The Best Actor In A Leading Role’. Well this treat was also sad along with an image of a dog. It mimicked the poster of the Oscar-nominated film The Power of the Dog. The tweet stated, “Mumbai’s vote for ‘The Best Actor In A Leading Role’:#Oscars #OscarsFanFavorite”. Talking about it away, social media users for sure clearly know the love for the dogs we all have. The Mumbai police department is not as different as us and seems like they are also a huge fan for dogs.

The love for dogs!

Well earlier this month the law enforcement agency honored Simba. It is one of the dogs who is the part of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad. Well, with a gun salute they honored him after he passed away. Talking about the famous psychological drama The Power of it got nominated for 12 academy awards. Well, on Sunday, the director of the drama, Jane Campion won the best director award. This also made it to the headlines as she became the third woman to win this prestigious title in the entire history of the Oscars. 

Well, it is not the very first time Mumbai Police came up with something so witty in their social media account. They have previously also used the topic of The academy awards for their content. While talking about it and they are to reach we do see a lot of reference of something that is happening very much viral on social media platforms. Well back in 2017 the police department of Mumbai also came up with a very hilarious tweet. To date it is one of the most iconic ones and people are still remembering it. 

The iconic posts:

They  posted it to comment on the now-iconic goof up when La La Land was announced. Well, they announced it as the winner of the best picture award instead of Moonlight. Also, back in 2019, they showed their love for Mumbai by referencing Period. 

End of a Sentence, is the one which also won an Oscar. It is in the Best Documentary Short category as per the reports. Well, we social media users usually come across the amazing social media post by Mumbai police department which always makes it to the headlines.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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