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Mumbai Police takes internet by storm: uses famous dialogue from ’83 movie!

Social media has made so many things easy. From spreading awareness about a topic or a serious issue to spreading the latest news and videos we can do almost anything and everything using a social media platform on a device. Well currently such a post of spreading awareness regarding the deadly virus of covid-19 has been hitting the headlines and it was none other than by Mumbai Police. The movie of ’83 has been on the headlines ever since its release. The trailer of the most anticipated movie of ‘83′, which is an upcoming sports drama film, was finally released on Tuesday. No fancy no just wait to see the amazing movie and they have been sharing the trailer widely on several social media platforms. 

Also, the trailer was successful in leaving many fans emotional and nostalgic at the same time. The trailer went crazy because of the amazing so many lines from the trailer that gave fans a good glimpse of the sports drama and they couldn’t get enough of it. Banking on its popularity, the Mumbai Police also decided to make use of dialogue used in the trailer too in order to spread awareness and reach to more public out there. Now they used a dialogue from the trailer to give a tongue-in-cheek reminder to people about Covid-19 protocols that are a must follow to date. The film is directed by Kabir Khan and pays homage to the Indian team. The film revolves around the story of the Indian team that won the country’s first Cricket World Cup back in 1983. 

The trailer of the most awaited movie has earned lots of plaudits online. Many social media users who watched the video have also pointed out Ranveer Singh’s “uncanny resemblance” to the then Indian captain Kapil Dev. Mumbai Police after watching the video had decided to use one of the lines from the trailer to send out a message to people who ignore Covid-19 safety guidelines. Citing Singh’s dialogue from the trailer where he says “He doesn’t know defense”, the police used it in their post stating: “When you don’t wear your mask in spite of ’83’ million reminders.”

 Since the day the trailer was out on social media it has created a huge buzz online and has been spreading like wildfire on the internet. Many social media users who came across the post said that it took them back down the memory lane and watching the trailer. Some also stated that it gave them “goosebumps”. Others pointed out how the win in 1983 inspired so many cricketers in India to join the cricket team and now India’s cricket team has become so famous.

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