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This is how Akshay Kumar reacts to Indonesian fans dancing to his song from!

It is a true fact that Bollywood films and songs have been addictive to many movie lovers from around the globe and not only Indian fans but also many international fans have been loving them for so many years now. Bollywood films are enjoyed across the world and an Indonesian YouTuber just proves this fact true. The Indonesian YouTuber decided to recreate the famous “Najaa” song from Sooryavanshi film starring Akshay Kumar. The cherished Bollywood actor was totally left impressed after watching the performance of the Indonesian YouTuber. The YouTuber was seen grooving to the hit song from the Rohit Shetty film. The movie stars Kumar and Katrina Kaif. The two content creators reenacted each shot in painstaking detail.

They are seen wearing outfits similar to those worn by the actors in the film recreating the scene in their unique way. all the social media users and especially the desi netizens and their fans have tried to recreate each shot as accurately as they could, but they obviously couldn’t include scores of backup dancers and helicopters in their small-scale video. Well, the video created by YouTuber Vina Fan, who keeps putting her spin on big-budget Bollywood songs have really well managed to impress desi audiences who watch their performance. 

The viral video has now got the attention of so many social media users right now and also something that impressed many was Vina’s acting. After another Indonesian creator tagged Akshay Kumar on Twitter, hoping he would like and recognize this amazing video the star finally replied to the post saying “Loved the recreation! Amazing effort,” the actor wrote in his official Twitter account and he also reposted the video.

Indonesia has a huge contingent of Bollywood fans, and many channels on YouTube and TikTok are created just to have posted some videos that usually rack up millions of views easily. Vina had previously put the spotlight on herself earlier this year when she decided to recreate the legendary song of “Bole Chudiyan” back in September. She also has over a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has also recreated songs featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, and Madhuri Dixit, among others. 

All the netizens who watch the video and came across a YouTube channel are totally in love with the performances and a getting addicted to all her amazing videos that not only gives a good glimpse of how beautiful the Bollywood music is but also shows us how well she can perform and nail each of the song in the Bollywood industry. The fact that the famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar himself recognized her videos and stated how impressive performance is now hitting the headlines and all the desi netizens cannot get enough of the facts.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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