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Myths about coronavirus that you should stop believing now

As the pandemic continues, it has been months that we got to know about the virus and all the things related to it. There have been several rumors, conspiracy theories, facts, and myths about coronavirus. Among these many myths have been believed by thousands of people out there which led to the spread of false information among the public. It can really prove to be harmful if people follow some of these myths continuously. Here are some of them which people need to know:

1.     Children cannot get infected by a virus:

The covid-19 virus can infect anyone of any age. Most children who develop the virus have mild symptoms.

2.     Rinsing your nose can prevent the virus:

Absolutely many people think that if they keep rinsing their nose with water or with any chemical, they can avoid the coronavirus entering their body. Rinsing your nose might only help in curing cold and respiratory problems, but not in preventing covid-19.

3.     Vitamin intakes can cure covid:

A common belief among people is that by taking vitamin supplements such as vitamin D and C, they can avoid getting infected by the virus. The truth is that the mineral supplements can only boost your immunity, but there is no evidence that they helped to avoid, treat or cure coronavirus.

4.     Water gets contaminated with covid-19:

There is no evidence that the coronavirus spreads through the water supply. Thus, people should never believe that they can get infected by the virus by water.

5.     Garlic prevents the infection:

It is a known fact that garlic has antimicrobial properties. So many assumed that intake of garlic helps them to prevent getting attacked by a coronavirus. However, WHO has confirmed that there is no evidence that garlic can prevent infection.

6.     Hot bath kills the virus:

Scientists are working on the analysis of the effect of a hot climate on the virus. However, it is clear to them that a hot bath does not stop or kill the virus. The virus can be simply removed from the surface by cleaning the surface with soap water.

7.     There is no need for social distancing after getting the vaccine:

Practicing social distancing even after getting covid-19 vaccination is a must.  Vaccines are very much effective but they do not completely stop the transmission of the virus. It is always best to take precautionary measures to avoid any risks.

8.     Drinking alcohol protects from infection:

There has been no evidence supporting this myth that alcohol can prevent you from getting infected. Harmful use of alcohol will only increase health problems and it is not going to protect you from coronavirus.

These were some of the myths that have been widely spread and have been widely believed by the public. It is best to not believe any information regarding the coronavirus from a no trustable site.



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