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The most trending reels till now!

After TikTok got banned in India, the public soon found a new source of entertainment in this pandemic. And that is the new feature of Instagram reels. Having a huge similarity with TikTok, this feature of Instagram allows users to create a short video and reach out to their audience. The different content, eye-catching videos, and soundtracks have really made it easy to spend some time in this pandemic happily. There are many influencers, social media users who came up with amazing trends which became viral really quickly. Here are some of the best reels that made our day!

1.    Aurora- Runaway:

The song has been trending for so many days and is still eye-catching for sure. The lines which go by “And I was runnin’ far away, would I run off the world someday? nobody knows’ ‘. Unlike other reels, it does not need much choreography and all the magic is done by a bit of filter and effects.

2.    GTA walk trend:

The popular trend was tried by many social media stars, which looks simple but truly is not. Gaming tunes of GTA has quite become popular on Instagram and with this trend surely GTA has received much more fame.

3.    ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ – who hates a fun-loving song?

The latest track of Bajre Da Sitta really became one of the most listened to Punjabi folk songs in 2021. Reels where people suddenly transform have been in trends for months now and this track took the trend to a whole new level.

4.    “Suddenly you call my name, and I lose my brain” – Renai circulation:

This English reel is one of the longest trendings and I loved the Instagram reel this year and many well-known content creators have jumped in this trend too. The cute matches perfectly with the cute reactions given by many Tiktok and Instagram stars worldwide and with simple dance tutorials, anyone can do it easily for sure.

5.    “Oh no oh no” – the meme song:

Well, surely this meme song won the hearts of many and it became one of the most popular challenges we have seen this year.  Many Instagram users showed their embarrassing moments, dangerous clips with the song “oh no” and the effects like slow motion were added to make the video funnier.

6.    “I don’t believe in soulmates, but- “:

A trend which shows the beautiful voice of singer Janani, who sings the legendary song –  Aakhon Mein Teri, became really heart-touching and viral within a few days. Many Instagram users even used her voice to show their true soulmates, whereas some used the song along with the videos of amazing street foods that we miss in this pandemic, to make their videos funnier and relatable.

These were some of the most trending Instagram reels which reached many users around the globe. A pandemic situation can make anyone stressed. So, at times like this, such entertaining short videos can surely make our day. With every day having new content posted on the platform, there are more such reels to come to entertain us.



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