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Nabisco Organized a huge party for bringing back its famous Oreo Cakesters

Nabisco is bringing back its famous Oreo Cakesters and throwing a huge party to celebrate. The long-awaited comeback of the soft-baked form of the classic cookie which first debuted in 2007 before being phased out five years later will begin this week in select shops

. It’s the ultimate ’00s throwback, Oreo turned back the clock by acquiring “the only spot in the United States where it still seems like the mid-2000s”: Bend, Oregon’s last surviving running Blockbuster video shop. Fans are likely familiar with the store, which initially opened in 2000 and was the subject of The Last Blockbuster, an acclaimed documentary launched in 2020.

Oreo Cacksters have totally taken over the shop, placing their giant logo over Blockbuster’s neon sign and everything. They’ve also placed Oreo Cakesters-themed movie posters on the walls and are giving out free Oreo Cakesters samples all packaged in old VHS-style packaging, of course. “Oreo fans have been requesting and waiting patiently for the Oreo Cakesters to return, and we’re overjoyed to celebrate this epic comeback!” Justin Parnel, Oreo’s VP of Marketing, stated in a statement.

“We’re hoping that the Blockbuster takeover will take them back to 2007, when Cakesters initially debuted and quickly became a fan favourite.” Sandi Harding, the Blockbuster store manager who was extensively featured in the documentary, added her enthusiasm. “We are rooted in nostalgia as the last-standing Blockbuster,” Harding exclaimed.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Oreo to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind’ rewind to 2007′ experience in celebration of the return of a cherished food from the past.” In addition to Oreo Cakesters’ comeback, Nabisco introduced two new Oreo flavours earlier this month: Ultimate Chocolate Oreos and Toffee Crunch Oreos. Chocolate lovers will love these Ultimate Chocolate Oreos. Three distinct layers of chocolate creme (white, milk, and dark chocolate) are placed between the customary chocolaty biscuits in this limited-edition delight.

Toffee Crunch Oreos are the newest permanent flavour to enter the Oreo collection. The classic chocolate biscuits are combined with toffee crème and sugar crystals in this recipe. Oreo Thins teamed up with wine giant Barefoot to release a limited-edition Barefoot x Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine last month. According to the press release, the drink includes “aromas of chocolate, with natural flavours of blackberry and dark cherries for a smooth and lingering finish,” as well as “notes of oak,” which complement the chocolate and crème cookies.



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