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Woman takes a selfie on top of a sinking car! The Internet is stunned!

A woman crashed her car while driving in the outskirts of Ottawa, Canada. She crashed her car on a frozen river. Well, this is not the exact reason why she is trending on various social media platforms. The woman, who is still unidentified, stood on top of her sinking yellow sedan in the Rideau River. What made the scenario more weird is that she was busy clicking selfies on the car’s roof. Well, on the other hand, the nearby people rushed to the spot to help her. Her this action has actually left netizens totally miffed. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon, in the suburb of Manotick.

The video featuring the woman has gone viral on social media. The video showcased the woman standing on top of the sinking car. It was also seen that people rushed to help her with a kayak. According to the reports of Daily Mail, she was the only person in the car. The nearby  police responded at about 4:30 pm, Daily Mail reports.

The woman in question was then charged with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. Well, even though driving on frozen water isn’t illegal in itself.

The picture of the woman taking a selfie on top of a sinking car went viral. A Twitter user shared a picture of the woman and wrote:

“She captured the moment with a selfie while people hurried and worried to help her.”

On the other hand, Ottawa Police also shared some details of the incident on Twitter account. “This evening a car went through the ice in the south end of Ottawa. Thankfully, there were no injuries and an amazing job by local residents saving the driver by using a kayak and quick safe thinking. Another reminder is that “No Ice Is Safe Ice”. Please use extreme caution this winter season,” police tweeted.

Many social media users started commenting on the posts. They started sharing the pictures and videos of the incident.   Netizens, especially Twitter users praised the good Samaritans for their timely help.  While on the other hand, the other netizens chided and were quite shocked. They got surprised by the woman being really unfazed about such a serious accident.

The netizens were quite stunned by the actions of the women. It was really surprising to see someone who didn’t care about life but was busy taking selfies. Well, we may have come across many such cases in the news. There are many people who have risked their life just for some pictures. This may be due to the craze to gain much attention on social media. This has caused some people to cross all sorts of boundaries, just for some extra likes or followers.

A Twitter user wrote: “Any time you are in a dangerous situation, you should not be taking selfies or doing anything distracting. You should be 100% focused on being safe. Everything this person did: drive fast on the river, be oblivious to danger, be inconsiderate to those trying to help… Just ignorant.”

“Unbelievably. This person should pay for the emergency services required for this call, environmental charges due to car (gas, oil etc) in water, vehicle removal and insurance not covering anything. Including reimbursement for the car (sic),” another comment read.

Yet another one tweeted, “Or pure selfishness by a young woman who purposely drove her car into a River of ice and needlessly put EMS workers at risk to save her while dumping gasoline into fresh water…”

As per the Canadian newspaper National Post, the driver was not injured in the accident. She didn’t agree to get assessed by paramedics when they arrived at the scene after the rescue. It was then known that Police had charged her with one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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