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NASA surprises Indian netizens! Wishes happy Diwali to everyone in a unique way!

It is true that Diwali is one of the most highly celebrated occasions in India and the entire country makes sure that the surroundings lights up so that they can spread joy and happiness. We also often find pictures from drones showing how beautiful the entire locality looks when it lights up on the night during the occasion of Diwali. But ever imagined how a space would look if Diwali was celebrated there? 

If not then these photos from NASA will totally leave you awestruck.  As many Twitter handlers made sure to spread their wishes on Diwali around the globe, NASA took it to a whole new level by spreading the greetings in their style. India was completely lit up due to  dazzling lights and happiness of Diwali, and the photos from NASA just took the celebrations to a greater level and are now spreading highly on social media sites. After NASA’s picture of the space during Diwali showing lit up outer space was posted online Desi netizens couldn’t just get enough of the beautiful pictures. 

The space agency’s effort to share the pictures of space as a greeting left everyone in awe. When it comes to NASA, you cannot surely avoid the fake ‘India seen from Space’ photograph that keeps appearing again and again on your social media many times. Well, many bloggers and huge social media handlers have previously stated all of them as not to be true, still, the image manages to appear up in our feed every single year. Well, this time as well many netizens kept tagging the International Space Station (ISS) and NASA to share some pictures from space. 

Well, their wishes came true and they finally got to take a look at the sparkling starfield which was caught by the Hubble Space Telescope recently. Well, the picture posted is a breathtaking image showing thousands of brightly lit stars. It is called a globular cluster, and the agency stated, “It contains a densely-packed collection of colorful stars close to the heart of the Milky Way.” It stated that interstellar gas and dust absorb starlight, which makes observations more challenging. Nevertheless, with the team’s efforts and the advanced telescopes we netizens got to see the stunning view. 

In it’s blog, NASA further said: “Interstellar absorption affects some wavelengths of light more than others, changing the colors of astronomical objects by causing them to appear redder than they actually are.” Also Desi people thanked NASA for the beautiful wish from them.  Many people also just couldn’t stop gushing about the stunning pictures showing the festival of lights in outer space. Surely an amazing picture by the team of NASA which will make your day and bring a smile on your face.

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