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A young Indian boy goes vegetable shopping in a viral video!

If you are looking for a trendy and adorable video of toddlers doing their best to spread the best messages on several social media platforms then this video is made for you. An absolutely adorable video of an Indian young boy is winning millions of hearts on the internet and of course, you will absolutely fall in love with the young toddler. This young boy’s video has also gone crazy viral online as soon as it was posted on social media and now it is getting shared widely all for the right reasons.

The adorable viral video was initially posted on an Instagram page called TinTin Ka Bacha. Well, in the video you can find a small young kid is all ready to go to shop for some vegetables. All the social media users who came across this amazing video are now absolutely obsessed and obviously, no one can blame them. Can we ever get enough of the cuteness in the video shown by the young toddler? Through the video, the boy spreads the message showing the importance of maintaining lists, and Indian it has reached very well and after many social media users. 

Kabir is the young Indian boy seen in the video. He can be seen with a list of vegetables in his hand as he is ready to buy some vegetables. His mother is seen accompanying him in the video. She asked him with all of the names he had on the list to buy. “Kya kya likha hai ispe? (What all is written?),” is the woman in the video seen asking Desi toddler. The cuteness of the young boy while trying to pronounce all the things mentioned in the list is melting hearts of millions. Kabir adorably mispronounces most of the names in the list and he went on about the types jotted down on the paper in his hand. 

The short video clip was to make young kids learn how lists are really important and are also a great way to manage time. Also, The video spread the message on how the list can easily reduce anxiety related to progress. The boy is seen already in the video carrying a jute bag to go shopping with his mom carrying the list of vegetables.  Well, netizens were delighted to watch the video and went ahead to flock to the comments box with their comments. “Made my day,” a person commented. Another social media user  said, “Super cute.”

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