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Neeraj Chopra admitted to the hospital due to fever, had to leave the ceremony midway

The Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra has made India proud by winning the gold medal in Tokyo Olympics 2020 and has also made his historic win. He becomes the second individual athlete to win a gold medal in Olympics. As he made his country so happy and proud, so as the movement he stepped in India, the celebrations got started and it’s going on till now.

But unfortunately the golden boy Neeraj Chopra got admitted to a hospital in Panipat due to a fever and he had to leave the welcome ceremony at his village midway which was grandly conducted on August 17. Well, it has to be said that the boy who won the gold medal for India is continuously busy from the day he returned to the country on Monday.

According to some sources, it’s known that Neeraj Chopra was really exhausted and maybe a good rest would help him to feel good and because of this exhaust station and the symptoms of mild fever he has to leave the function midway as a precautionary measure. After he returned to India Neeraj Chopra has been attending many felicitations functions which were continuously conducted in Delhi. And when the time came when he returned home to his native, Kandra village, located around 15 km from Panipat, on Tuesday a welcome party function was grandly conducted on that day for his welcoming.

So according to some reports, it’s said that between the function Neeraj Chopra was feeling very exhausted and tired and after a few minutes she also started feeling feverish. So because of that, it became necessary to leave the function midway and he had to take a rest in a house which was in a nearby location. But it is also said that it’s just a rumor that has been urgently taken to a hospital. It was just that he was feeling very exhausted as he attended many functions continuously just after arriving from Tokyo. All he needs is a good rest at a place and the place he is taking rest is not very far from his house. Neeraj Chopra needs some rest and it is also said that he doesn’t want any frenzy from people and also the media.

It is not so easy for Neeraj Chopra as he has been attending all types of functions continuously just after he returned from Tokyo Olympics 2020. Just after he returned from Tokyo he and other Olympic medal winners had a celebration and they all were also felicitated by the sports ministry. Soon the next day he went to another felicitation program, celebrated for them by the athletics federation of India. On Thursday and Friday, the felicitation functions were also organized by the Punjab and Haryana government for Neeraj Chopra, but as Neeraj Chopra was not feeling so well and gradually developed a high fever, he missed the felicitation function. In fact, he was also tested for covid-19 but luckily the reports were negative.

But then he managed to attend the high tea which was actually hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind. This was for the Indian Olympic contingent. After these felicitation programs on Sunday, he also went to attend the independence day function, conducted grandly at the Red fort along with other Olympians. Just after that, he and other Olympic winners also went to a breakfast that was grandly hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This fever was definitely due to exhaustion, because of attending all these felicitation programs continuously, and we hope that he will recover soon after a good rest.



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