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Restaurant staff surprises a visually impaired woman on her birthday!

Social media is a platform where we tend to get so many videos and clips that often touch your heart and leave you in Happy tears. Currently, such a heartwarming video is trending and also has headlines because of the huge amount of comments and likes that it has. A visually impaired woman was dining in a restaurant on her birthday and she got a very heart-touching surprise for sure. 

The clip that was first shared on social media lasted for only 48 seconds but it was well enough to warm hearts all over the world. The restaurant is located in London and the clip shows how the stafferes surprise a visually impaired diner with a special Braille Happy birthday message made out of chocolate. The heartwarming gesture is what took the internet by storm today and the video was initially shared on tik tok by Natalie Te Paa. 


The caption on that was also included with the video stating “they had the chef write happy birthday in BRAILLE !!!…using melted chocolate.” well the woman sitting at the table in the video clip is none other than Natalie herself who is waiting for her food. A few seconds later a waiter comes with a plate in his hand and wishes happy birthday. Later another woman asks the customer for her hand and when she places her fingers over the plate the reaction that we get from Natalie is surely priceless. 

The message that was all written in Braille was happy birthday in more than chocolate and the customer gas and is immediately taken back by the heart-touching gesture of the restaurant staff. The next line that you hear in the video by her is “No freaking way. They did not. Are you kidding me?” The customer is well left with a wide smile on her face and she says thank you to the restaurant’s staff for such a sweet thing that it did for her birthday. The video was then shared by several social media users and also one of the famous Twitter accounts, GoodNewsCorrespondent shared it. 

Hundreds of social media users and netizens who saw the video clip were all overwhelmed by such a sweet gesture of the restaurant staff. Many also complimented them for their work and commented many comments in the comment section by praising the restaurant for the sweetness and the way they treat the customers. A user also wrote “You know when you just need to watch something which is full of hate but reminds you of the beauty of a human soul? Thank you.” Indeed a great way to show love and make someone’s birthday special. Natalie was also left very emotional and now this clip that is getting trendy on several social media platforms is continuously getting thousands of likes and views every single hour.



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