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Netflix will next release their work on ‘Thanksgiving Grandma’. Know about the story.

We have seen movies and web series getting inspired from real-life stories and such stories have always given creators new ideas to implement in their movies or web series. It’s not unusual for real-life stories to be a part of the reel world and something like this is happening once again hitting the headlines right now. We know that from the past few years the internet’s favorite holiday story after Thanksgiving grandma has become very heartwarming news and now it has got recognition from the famous platform of Netflix too.

The ‘Thanksgiving Grandma’, who went viral for one cute accident made by her won millions of hearts on the internet. Well, the story is she accidentally invites a stranger for a feast. This story is now all set to be a part of a movie and thanks to Netflix who got inspired from the real story. Back in 2016, when Wanda Dench texted a wrong person named Jamal Hinton who was a high-schooler, mistaking his number for her grandson was the beginning of a beautiful story. This led to an amazing event and despite realizing it went to the wrong person, Dench decided to invite Hinton for a Thanksgiving dinner.  

Her amazing gesture wasn’t an isolated event but went on to become the internet’s favorite holiday ritual and now after six years, the story is continuing as they formed a unique bond. Also, Hinton shared very exciting news on Twitter, stating their story is set to become a film now. The renowned global streaming platform, Netflix is making the movie. Announcing the amazing news, the young man also posted their latest photos from this year’s reunion. He is seen with Dench and his girlfriend, along with a photo of her husband Lonnie. 

Years passed and Dench has since extended her invitation to Hinton’s girlfriend. She also invited his family to join them in the yearly festivities. Due to the pandemic, their reunion became poignant. Also, social media users who have always been interested in their posts and updates were left emotional after Dench’s husband of 42 years passed away in April 2020. He was facing complications due to the deadly virus of Corona.

Nevertheless, their beautiful friendship was there to support, and as the time passed their Bond just grew stronger. Now, so many social media users around the world eagerly wait long for their annual get-together photos every single year. Also, Netflix stated about their upcoming movie saying, “Can’t wait to see this story brought to life!” they commented about the special project. Not only is the OTT platform super excited for it but many people from around the globe on social media are excited and happy to know about the news.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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