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Rob Schneider Cast in Crime Drama name “Dead Wrong” and he play a role of indebted gambler and alcoholic lawyer

Robert Michael Schneider is an Actor, comedian, screenwriter, and anti-vaccine activist. He went on to a career in feature films, including starring roles in the comedy films. He is the best known for starring in films Grown Ups and Big Daddy. He has joined the cast of writer- director Rick Bieber’s independent crime drama “Dead Wrong”.

The movie also features actors Cress Williams, Katrina Bowden, Derek Smith, Chelsea Debo, Rosalie Ward, Chet Hanks and Joshua Bitton.
The crime drama based on K.E. Clark’s novel Deadly Instinct Blinded with jealousy over the wealth accumulated by his best friend, a local mob boss, a narcissist of psychotic proportions schemes to steal his infant son to obtain a multi-million dollar settlement from the hospital’s insurance company.

In so doing, he ignites a chain reaction that overwhelms the lives of his now suicidal wife, her nymphomaniacal younger sister with whom he’s having an affair, a deeply indebted gambling and alcoholic lawyer, a Brooklyn born bookmaker/pimp and his London strongman, a rural ex-com seeking redemption from his angelic wife and a hardnosed insurance investigator – all embroiled in a fascinating study of greed, betrayal, love and murder.
Rick Bieber is producing the film, which is in production in Los Angeles.



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