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Netizens react to the ice wall climbing competition by ITBP in Ladakh.

Personnel of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) have come up again at a shown time. They did not only uphold their duties but also shared how much fun they have as a thing. They spend their time amazingly while guarding the country’s borders. All the extreme weather conditions are something that they have to face and also take it in a fun way. Well, talking about this time it amazed all the social media users around the globe through the beautiful scenery. 

The ice wall climbing competition:

It was happening in a very cold climate in Ladakh. It was the very first time this competition was organized in India as per the reports by ITBP. Well, in the now going viral video you will get to see Governor of Ladakh Radha Krisha Mathur addressing everyone. Speaking to the people who gathered in the competition he stated, “IG Sir has come up with a new initiative. I would like to congratulate him for introducing this ice climbing activity. As we all know ITBP was formed in 1962. Since 1962, they have been engaged in the duty of serving the nation at the boundaries.” Then the camera shows us the breathtaking view from an aerial point of view. 

You will get to see the snow-clad beautiful white mountains and there were also climbers scaling ice walls. They used axes and ropes to do it. there were more than a hundred climbers present in the competition who actively participated in it. It was organized jointly by the North-West Frontier, ITBP, Leh, and Ladakh Mountaineering Guides Association. The competition was happening under the guidance of Inspector General Lhari Dorjee Lhatoo. Jamyang Tsering Namgyal, Member of Parliament from Ladakh, was also present. The event was happening on February 27.

A one successful event:

 By the end of the event, Namgyal congratulated the winners and praised ITBP. NW Frontier ITBP got the winning title in the overall championship. The video was again available by the ITBP and shows personal playing volleyball. Well, it was happening at 15,000 feet at the border outpost in Uttrakhand. The caption of the viral video that was by Amrit Mahotsav read, “Our #Himveers make it look so easy! Temperature around minus 20 degrees Celsius. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police playing volleyball at 15000 feet at a Border Out Post in Uttrakhand.” 

Well, the comment section of the post is filled with all the positive reviews from people around the globe. The way of the ITBP to see even the worst weather conditions in such a positive mind is mind-blowing. Many people also praised the officers for conducting such an amazing event. It not only was able to gather 100 participants in the amazing competition but also has set a new way of thinking for people. Well, now it also shows how the officers guard the country’s borders along with having fun in their life. Currently, the video is going very viral and has many likes and views on it. Many social media users from around the globe have already watched the video and are sharing it on their social media page. This was the very first event in the country and it was surely a great success.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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